Workday Recruiting is making Big moves!

I’ve said this before, and I’ll say most likely forever: I do not hate large HCM recruiting modules (e.g., Workday, Oracle, SAP, etc.). If you run a large enterprise HR shop, you’ll probably be using one of these products. That’s reality. The best HR and TA leaders leverage the vast power of these systems and build around the gaps to make a world-class stack. So can you.

Workday has purposely been filling its gaps on the recruiting side and is becoming an all-encompassing recruiting platform that users were hoping for when it launched years ago. The average enterprise-level TA stack has between 10 and 25 pieces of add-on technology, so no one ever really should have thought they would only have one product to begin with. But that reality is getting closer every quarter.

The Big News!

This week, Workday announced it will acquire HiredScore. A best-of-breed talent orchestration system (A what?!). Basically, HiredScore fills a gap in Workday Recruiting around AI-based candidate matching, talent rediscovery, and mitigating bias in selection, and has a lot of increased data capabilities in TA. HiredScore takes your requisitions and automatically matches it across all of your talent pools, not just your ATS database, accelerating your recruiting team. It’s a huge get for Workday and Workday Recruiting clients. HiredScore was one of the top recruiting technologies in the world. This is not a big old, vanilla recruiting module type of move!

On top of that, Workday is launching Paradox/Olivia careersite widget on every single Workday Recruiting client careersite. In Workday’s 24R1 Release, they will be adding the Paradox AI Chatbot (Olivia) to the Workday external career site. This feature requires that a customer is both a Workday and Paradox customer but will allow their joint customers to use the chatbot for chat to apply and Q&A, making it easier for candidates to find and apply for job opportunities. Honestly, this is as big of a move as the HiredScore acquisition. Almost all of the top Workday Recruiting shops had both HiredScore and Paradox implemented, and now every Workday Recruiting customer will have this access.

Workday isn’t saying this, but I would not be surprised if, at some point in the near future, Paradox is the next acquisition. Paradox is a much bigger buy than HiredScore, but it aligns very well with the Workday Recruiting technology and fills a major gap around high-volume. This just seems to make sense for Workday. Paradox is growing like crazy and every single large enterprise shop that is doing high-volume is either using Paradox, looking at Paradox, or looking at one of their competitors.

While Workday Recruiting is also launching bi-directional texting this quarter, which seems to have been a long time coming, products like Paradox would elevate the SMS and messaging ability of Workday almost immediately. Workday also has launched its version of recruiting CRM, and it’s not necessarily the full-blown CRM we think of, like Beamery, Avature, etc. The Workday Recruiting CRM was purposely built to be used daily by recruiters. It’s more recruitment marketing automation than full CRM, and I honestly think that’s what most recruiters prefer.

Over the past five years, we’ve seen enterprise TA shops buy and implement CRM only to decide to change to another once their three contract was up and then just repeat the cycle. This is partly a CRM problem, and them selling a product that is complex but not setting up the buyer for success. CRMs are complex technologies that need full-time staff to run them. It’s not a product that your recruiters will probably sit and use daily. Workday’s CRM is actually something your recruiters will use daily because it’s light and intuitive enough for them to launch campaigns quickly and go on about their day.

Five years ago, I would have said Workday Recruiting is what it is. It’s a big, giant requisition system used by enterprise TA shops that won’t break but also won’t be feature-rich. It was a necessary evil of a large enterprise HCM module. Today, Workday Recruiting is making big moves to become a recruiting technology that has competitive advantages over its competition but also pushes the best-of-breed market.

Kudos to the Workday Recruiting team for keeping their heads down and delivering on the vision they had. Large enterprise software doesn’t move fast. It can’t. Their are too many variables and risks at play, but when they get it right, it’s extremely powerful.

The 2024 Conference Season is Here! Here is what I’m looking forward to

The HR/TA/LOD/Payroll/Etc. conference season is upon us. I’ve got a new book launching at SHRM Talent in April, so it will be an especially busy season for me this year. I’m excited for 2024 for a number of reasons.

I think the one thing I enjoy about conference season more than any other is connecting with peers and friends in the industry. I have the most inspiring and challenging conversations at conferences. I’ve found lifelong friends at professional conferences. I genuinely find it an awarding and educational opportunity that I love being a part of.

It came to my attention late last year that a group of professionals is working to put together a movement called #OperationPurpleLight that helps protect individuals from getting assaulted at conferences. I’m not naive to the problem of mostly women getting drugged and raped in our society. I was shocked to hear the rate at which this happens at professional conferences. Especially at HR-related conferences, with a demographic upwards of 80%+ female, we have to find ways to keep all participants safe.

It’s disgusting that anyone would ever feel threatened at a professional conference to begin with, especially if the perpetrator is a peer! So, as you are out this season, make special note of the efforts by Operation Purple Light, the conferences that are supporting this effort, and what you can do personally to ensure the peers around you have an enjoyable and safe experience attending conferences!

What am I looking forward to?

  • TransformHR – Vegas, March – Transform has a unique format where almost all of the content is done in a panel format with actual practitioners. Many of them are from SMB and Mid-enterprise organizations, and it leads to some amazing conversations that can really get into the weeds about the what, why, and how we do things!
  • Michigan HR Day – Lansing, MI, April – 2,500 HR pros all coming into Lansing, MI, for a day full of content and development. It’s one of the largest HR conferences in the US at that number! And it’s in my backyard! How the heck?! Over 15 years ago, the governor of Michigan decided to declare the second Wednesday of April to be a state-wide day of celebration and development for HR, and this thing has gotten big! The majority of state SHRM conferences can’t get 2500 attendees!
  • SHRM Talent – Vegas, April (I spend way too much time in Vegas) – Besides the aforementioned book launch, I’ll also be the closing keynote speaker at SHRM Talent this year. I’m super excited about that and a bit nervous. It’s a big crowd, but I’m speaking to my peeps, so that’s comforting. I believe this is the best Talent Acquisition conference currently running.
  • HR Tech Europe – Amsterdam, May – The sister conference to the world’s largest HR Tech conference in Vegas, HR Tech Europe is going on the road overseas, and it will be an amazing show. The HR Tech Conferences are amazing, and I’ve gone every year for the past decade. This is one I won’t miss on my calendar.
  • SHRM Annual – Chicago, June – Ted Lasso is keynoting!! Always huge. Always fun. I’ll be speaking and signing books. It’s the single largest HR conference on the planet, and really, no one else is even close. It’ll be 20,000+ HR pros in one place. If you ever have the ability to attend, it’s an HR bucket list must-do.
  • RecFest USA Nashville – Nashville, September – This is an outdoor recruiting festival, big tents and all, in the heart of Nashville. There is nothing else like this on the planet! It’s completely unique, and I’m taking my entire TA team with me to this event this year. In 2023, the best TA conversations I had all year happened at RecFest!
  • Workday Rising – Vegas, September – One of the fastest-growing and largest HCM suites in the world, Workday seems to be taking over the universe! Workday Rising brings together thousands of enterprise Workday clients for development, education, and a little bit of fun. If you’re a Workday client, you should be investing to send your team here.
  • The HR Technology Conference – Vegas, September – If you’re an HR Technology nerd, like I am, this is another bucket list conference to attend. You’ve got the startup pavilion, Pitchfest competition, HR tech products of the year awards, and the biggest HR Tech expo in the world; it’s by far the top HR Tech conference on the planet.

This is just a tip of what’s available and out there for your own professional development. There’s been a giant growth of HR Tech user conferences as well – Workday Rising, Oracle World, LinkedIn Talent Connect, etc. are a few giant ones. This isn’t even getting into the SHRM state conferences, industry-specialized conferences, etc. Then you have local DisruptHR events, local SHRM events, etc. If you wanted to, you could go to an HR event every single week of the year.

Let me know if you’ll be attending any of these conferences that I’ll be at. I would love to connect and share ideas.

Hiring on X (err. Twitter) just got easier!

For the last decade, you could find content on how to hire on Twitter/X. it was mostly crap. No one was really hiring anyone on Twitter in any real numbers. It was like fishing for one certain minnow in an ocean. But, boy, did they like to talk like Twitter was a “real” source of hire. It wasn’t.

Elon bought Twitter, and changed the name to X, and decided, wait, we have this giant community why shouldn’t people be able to post jobs and hire on here? So, they made some changes. Will it be the next big great source of talent? Probably not, but it’s worth checking out because it’s definitely easier now to at least test it and see.

New @Xhiring

I love that recruiters can add a hot job to their profile!

Add a job to your X profile.

Some folks love to dump on X because of Elon. What I find is that recruiters are fairly agnostic politically when it comes to finding new sources of hire! It really doesn’t matter if you love or hate Elon. The job is about getting the best talent for your organization.

I’m a big advocate of Recruitment marketing and advertising, in that you get your jobs in front of everyone. If you can, you post your jobs everywhere. Your career site, Indeed, LinkedIn, ZipRecruiter, Instagram, Facebook, X, TikTok, CareerBuilder, lawn signs on the corner, the bulletin board at church. EVERYWHERE!

Your job is to fill the req.

What does the X Talent pool look like?

  • 500 million month users
  • The largest user group – males under 35 years (58%) – is more tech-savvy than average.
  • 87% of X users also use Instagram (cross-promote)
  • Average users are on X for roughly 34 minutes per day.
  • Facebook is still the largest social media site, followed by Facebook-owned Instagram and TikTok – all have audiences in the billions.

Social media recruiting, in general, is tough. Those who do it best tend to be great content producers and build big audiences. Those who do it awful tend to just post jobs and ignore it. iIt’s very labor-intensive to do great social media recruiting. The average TA shop will not see social media in their top 10 sources of hire normally, so you must weigh the cost/benefit of this.

Now that I’ve told you how worthless social media recruiting is, I still like what X has done and is doing around hiring. There is a converted effort by X to cater to employers and make it easier to leverage their audience and your audience to make hires. X seems to be the only large social media company who is paying attention to recruiters!

A Referral Revolution

HR Rockstars! Guess what’s coming your way on Jan 31? I’m teaming up with Scott Sinatra, CEO and Co-Founder of Bountiful, to spill the beans on turning your good old referrals into a competitive advantage.

Now, I get it. Referral management might not be everyone’s cup of coffee. But we’ve got your back. Worried that referrals lead to cookie-cutter teams? Yep, got your back there too. Here’s a little secret from Scott: 90+% of you aren’t using any tech wizardry to manage a source that’s dishing out 20-50% of your hires. Let’s change that, shall we?

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • How to build, automate, and scale a referral program (because who needs extra headaches?)
  • Tackling the common challenges organizations face when rolling out a referral program – and trust me, we’ve seen them all.
  • Scaling your referral program externally, so you can tap into talent from anywhere on the map.
  • and More!

Ready to up your referral game in 2024? Register now at and I’ll see you there!

A Christmas Present for Your CEO

This holiday season, you’ve got the chance to make your CEO’s Christmas wish list come true. It’s time to give them the gift of insights into what they really want from their HR and Talent Acquisition teams.

I created a short survey designed just for CEOs, all about what they wish HR and TA would do more of or start doing. It’s all about improvements, tech stuff, and making magic happen within your organization. They get to rate your HR team’s current performance, spot areas for improvement, and even prioritize the issues they care about most. Psst, CEOs, your secrets are safe with us – this survey is anonymous.

Spread the Joy

So, spread some holiday cheer and share this survey link with your CEO or hook me up with their email.

As HR pros, you have the power to make some serious magic happen. By getting your CEO involved in this survey, you’re not just boosting your own game but helping us all understand what makes CEOs tick across different industries!

I’m making this holiday season all about shaping killer HR strategies. Are you with me? Share the link with your CEO and let’s sprinkle some HR magic together!

What are my 2024+ predictions for Talent Acquisition?

Predictions, opportunities, dilemmas, hopes, wishes, I’m not sure what we should call this, but I’ve got some ideas floating around about what happens next in our little recruiting world. Most predictions are worthless. I love to consider myself a futurist in our industry, but after doing this for so many years, I don’t think I’ve ever had one prediction actually come true!

So, let’s throw out some ideas for 2024:

  • Video Interviews will become a thing! Just kidding, that would have been an amazing prediction ten years ago. I do think video interviewing technology has another life as we move forward with AI advances. Imagine being able to take a long-form video screen or interview and have AI cut you a highlight real, instantly, to send to a hiring manager. Some will say that this tech can do this now, but it’s not quite right. I want a video screen solution that takes every candidate and breaks down that 10-20 minutes of video screens and gives me their best 90-second commercial on why we should move them forward. Hiring managers will only see this. No application. No resume. Just the candidate commercials.
  • AI that constantly follows up with candidates and hiring managers. When I look back at the top recruiters in my life, the one trait that stands out with all of these people is their ability to follow up better than anyone else on both sides of the recruiting equation. AI can now do this or even act as our assistant to do this activity, but it’s not yet built out to make it that useful. I need the AI to sound and act like me. To follow up in a cadence that is like a real human. To push both sides in a way that seems urgent, and human, and brings me into the loop when it senses a real human touch or voice is needed to get it to the next level.
  • We all know there are now AI application bots candidates are using that help candidates apply to hundreds of jobs at a time. Everyone in the industry sees this as bad because candidates don’t even know what they are applying to. The reality is that ATSs and matching technology will advance to understand these applications are coming from AI and recruiting will use its own AI to combat this. So, we end up with competing AIs. Sounds awful for all involved. What’s the solution? I think it will be “our” AI (recruiters) will be better in determining which AI applications might be a real fit and then do the reach out to the candidate to invite them to “really” apply in another method to check for interest and true match. I’m hopeful our AI wins!
  • “Real” human contact becomes a recruiting luxury. Most organizations will go full automation and I back that and understand that. There’s too much to gain by going full automation. However, some organizations will understand that while the crowd goes down one path, it might be best for their brand and organization to go down another. Maybe the way to separate yourself from the pack, in the future will simply be to be more human to your candidates. To give them real people to talk to. Talent acquisition has always been about trust and relationships. The future of TA is definitely more automation in the right places of your process, but it’s also about being more human in the right places within your process.
  • Remote work is not the answer for most people. Frankly, most workers won’t have the option because their work can never be remote. Also, in 2024, GenZ will overtake Boomers for the first time as a larger percentage of the workforce. We have an epidemic of loneliness in the world. Having people work by themselves most of the day does not help this. Having young people do this is disastrous to our social makeup of society. I’m not saying you don’t offer up flexibility. Young people still want that. But don’t think just because you want to be remote as a Millennial or GenX, that’s the right decision for your entire organization. Humans are social animals. We have been since the beginning of mankind. Pushing everyone to remote work isn’t evolution; it’s just bad for society. Treat them like adults, be flexible, and be robust in building culture.
  • Come see me at SHRM Talent in Las Vegas on April 14-17th. I’ll be keynoting and launching my new book, The Talent Fix, Vol. 2. We can talk shop. Be social. Discuss the future of TA. Basically, we can nerd out on all things talent!

What predictions or ideas do you have about the future of Talent for 2024 and beyond?

Your Weekly Dose of HR Technology: This week is @JobSync

Okay, it’s been a minute since I’ve been sharing my HR/TA Technology reviews. I’ve been busy finishing Volume 2 of the Talent Fix. Honestly, I’ve missed looking at a lot of tech, so get ready, I’ll probably be talking about more than you want! I’m excited to be writing tech reviews again.

If you’re new to my reviews, let me give you a little insight. None of these reviews are paid for. I just like this stuff, and I find the audience doesn’t know a lot about it, so I share what I know. I also try and focus on what is useful and what I like. Someone might think a piece of technology is junk, and the next person thinks it’s brilliant. If I share it on this page, I think it’s worth you doing a demo and finding out more about it, and you decide if it can work for you. Most likely, I would not be talking about a certain technology if someone hadn’t told me it was working for them!

This week, I revisit a technology that I’ve talked about before, but like most technology in our space, it evolves. Some change completely, some just become more feature-rich (marketing speak for adding more bells and whistles), and some pivot but stay in the space. JobSync didn’t add features or change or pivot, but they did become a little more laser-focused on their messaging, and as their client base will tell you, it just works.

What is JobSync?

JobSync solves a problem that most TA Teams have: getting more candidates to apply for your jobs. Specifically, it works well for enterprise, high-volume hiring. At this low-skill, no-skill candidate level, most candidates are coming from sites like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, etc. They find your open job on one of these sites, and then they get pushed to your site and your mostly vanilla, painful, large recruiting HCM module that asks them to register and jump through hoops.

Most candidates drop off at this moment. Seriously! 95%+ drop off. The conversion is awful.

The solution then becomes how do we get candidates to apply to our job when and where they are at the moment they find your job? This is where JobSync steps in and builds the workflow that gets all the information you need and makes it less painful for the candidate without the candidate even knowing anything is different.

Your conversions of applicants go from 3-5% to 20-50%. You can see your applicant flow 8-10X overnight!

Honestly, it seems too good to be true, and you have to be thinking to yourself, it probably costs an arm and leg. It actually very cost-effective and has a large ROI; when you factor in, you will be reducing a lot of your job ad spend because of your higher conversion. I hate to even say this because it’s just a tech marketing pitch, but it’s one of the few techs in our space that pays for itself almost immediately.

So, why isn’t everyone using JobSync?

Our space is very noisy. It’s hard to get heard, even when you’re good at what you do. Also, they’re selling an invisible solution, so it seems a bit like you’re buying magic! Your CFO and CIO can’t see it, so you have to actually know what you’re talking about to get it through all the decision-makers.

It’s way easier to show them other solutions to fill your top of the funnel that they can see and might be easier for them to comprehend. That’s also another major problem. Most executives have no idea that only 3-5% percent of potential candidates turn into an applicant. Hell, most TA leaders don’t know this! When I ask for a room of C-Suites, they’ll usually land on 60-75%. So, it’s hard for them to comprehend it’s so low and that connecting with candidates where they are can make such a huge difference.

JobSync has a couple of things going for them and their clients. They have one of the smartest teams in our space. I mean people that I listen to and ask questions. Don’t underestimate hiring smart people to solve your problems. They’ve figured out the psychology of high-volume hiring applicants and what it takes to get them to apply, and the data shows it’s really working.

Give them a demo and take a look. They are a technology that is recommended to many of the recruiting consulting clients I work with at the enterprise level.

The Biggest Trends in Recruiting Technology in 2023! #HRTechConf

Next week, my good friend and super smart lady, Madeline Laurano, and I will be leading a session at The HR Technology Conference and Expo in Vegas. We did a short video to give you a sneak preview of what to expect:

The Great Duo in TA Tech History

Also, I’ll be introducing “Tim Sackett’s TA Technology Product of the Year!” sponsored by Aptitude Research! I’m dropping this on Madeline right now – she didn’t even know I was going to do this! You have to come to see who and what it will be!

If you can’t be in Vegas, I’ll announce it right here on the morning of Friday,hr t October 13th! Stay Tuned!

ChatGPT can now see pictures and understand your voice commands!

For those who still believe Generative AI won’t change your job, take a looksie down below!

So, the AI can now see pictures and understand what we ask it!

This means no matter what your job is. You will soon be able to speak to your technology and interact with technology as we have never done before. I’m not just talking about HR or Recruiting. I’m talking about every single function and job that is available.

From highly skilled jobs to no-skill jobs. It’s truly an amazing time to be alive.

This changes the game for learning and development, how we onboard new hires, and how we develop skills for our employees. This changes the game in how we get our everyday work completed.

You no longer need to sit down with a hiring manager and do an intake meeting for the role they want to hire for. Your hiring manager will now speak to your recruiting AI assistant and tell the AI what they would like and the AI will respond with really great questions and challenges based on data and insights that it will have immediately at your disposal. “So, you are telling me you would like X, Y, and Z, but if you couple that with the salary range, you would also like to offer, you will be asking us to pull from the bottom 4% of the available candidates in our market. Do you feel that is acceptable to have a candidate from the bottom 4%?! Or if we change X, Y, and Z, to H, B, and Z, and also adjust the range up one level, we can now get candidates who are in the top 25% of our market. What would you like to do?”

Game. Changer.

Of course, this won’t happen immediately. It will take some time. But I actually demoed some new recruiting tech in Beta this week that has already added in the voice element for intake of job descriptions that will make fairly decent job postings!

Buckle up, kids! We are about to go on a wild ride!

5 Mid-Year HR Trends You Should Be Thinking About for 2024!!

Is the world moving faster after the pandemic or is it just me?! It seems like for all the bad that Covid brought, it did make us slow down a bit. Now, we are back on the treadmill running faster than ever.

I’m sitting down this week and doing a live webinar (if you can’t make the live time, just sign up and we can send you the recording) discussing the biggest trends in HR and Talent Acquisition that are happening right now but that will also have a tremendous impact to our 2024 planning!

The webcast will be live on Wednesday, July 19 at 3 pm EST.

Shout out to the amazing team at Pillar for making this happen…

Here are some more details.

We’re halfway through 2023 (crazy, right?!), so now seems like the perfect time to reflect on the top 5 trends that have shaped the year thus far. And who better to do it with than Tim Sackett, President of HRU Technical Resources & top 100 Global HR Tech Influencer?! Join us as we sit down with Tim to discuss what is trending today in the HR & talent acquisition space and what he sees as the trends that will continue into 2024 and beyond.

Here’s what you can learn during the session:

  • Practical strategies to leverage these trends for maximum impact
  • How to gain a competitive edge by understanding how these trends can transform your HR/TA practices
  • The key drivers shaping the way organizations attract, engage, and retain talent

…& more! Looking forward to seeing you on July 19th as we have the opportunity to learn from one of the industry’s most respected thought leaders! It’s also been a year since we launched our webinar series with Tim himself, so join us as we celebrate our webinar series 1-year anniversary.