T3 – HR & TA Technology Startup Competition at The HR Tech Conference!

I get to review some really great HR and TA Technology on a weekly basis. Many of those companies are just looking for a ‘shot’. A way to be heard, to let people know what they do and how it will help their organization. Well, this is it!

The HR Technology Conference is having a competition called, “Discovering the Next Great Technology Company”.

It will be a “The Voice” like a competition where each company that gets selected will be given a ‘coach’ to help them before the competition be prepared for their presentation, then at the competition, there will be voting and someone will be named the 2016 Next Great HR Technology Company!

Okay, I’m not a coach, but there are some other great folks who will be that understand the industry really well (Jason Averbook, Trish McFarlane, Madeline Laurano, George LaRocque, and Kyle Lagunas).

Here are the important details:

HR Tech startups can submit to be considered and get more information at:


One that page you will find instructions, information, and the link to the application forms. There is no charge to apply, but the deadline is coming up fast, so interested HR technology providers should not hesitate in applying.

And one last note, because I know I am going to be asked – the “Awesome New Technology” session at the Conference for larger, established HR tech companies will once again be held at the event, and it uses the same application form at the same link as above. The HR Tech Conference has not, (this year anyway), given that session the reality TV makeover just yet.

What’s In It For You? 

1. You’ll get some great free advice from some of the top Analyst in our industry.

2. You’ll get to present, on stage, your product in front of one of the most attended sessions at HR Tech!

3. It’s great publicity for you to even be selected to present, to be one of those “next great HR Tech companies”, it’s even better if you win!

The Deadline is June 30th!  But, a little HR Tech Conference birdy told me that they’ll extend registration for this competition an additional week! So, get on it today and apply. It doesn’t cost anything and only takes a few minutes to apply.

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