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The HR Technology Conference is coming in a few weeks and they just announced the list for a competition they are having this year called “The Next Great HR Technology Company”. Here’s what is, from HR Technology Chair, Steve Boese:

“Each year, the HR Tech Conference puts the spotlight on the latest innovations to emerge in the HR technology marketplace. As the industry as a whole continues to evolve and new challenges arise, there are many startups introducing game-changing solutions to help HR address the growing complexity. The ‘Discovering the Next Great HR Technology Company’ session will examine the offerings from some of the industry’s most promising startups, and allow attendees themselves to vote for companies they think introduce the most cutting-edge solutions to enhance how they do their jobs as HR professionals.”

So, who are these ‘startups’?

Clickboarding: is a comprehensive employee onboarding software focused on the new hire experience by not only leveraging cutting-edge cloud technology but also embracing regulatory compliance and providing a Candidate Care services team as an extension of the company.

Clinch is a Recruitment Marketing and CRM platform designed to centralize a company’s career pages, recruitment marketing, and talent network initiatives, enabling employers to source, identify, understand, engage and convert the best candidates – including the 90 percent of those who demonstrate an interest in their company but don’t apply.

Highground enables organizations to modernize performance development and engagement for a more productive, motivated workforce.

InvestiPro is a fully-automated workplace investigation solution designed to simplify the way employers conduct investigations.

LifeWorks will present its industry-first wellness and engagement platform that makes employees Feel Loved in any organization.

Qwalify will present its solution, Talent Dojo: a professional digital networking platform that is the evolution of talent engagement for recruitment.

RolePoint will present its leading internal talent mobility tool to deliver a streamlined career progression experience for employees and enable talent development teams to improve retention across their entire organization.

The Chemistry Group will present a combination of its technology and award-winning intellectual property allows its global clients to predict the future performance of potential and existing employees to an unparalleled level of accuracy.

I’ve known some of these technologies for a few years, others I’ve never heard of, so I’m really interested to see all of them, and then see what the HR Tech audience believes is the best Next Great HR Technology! Especially since all of these techs really don’t compete against each other.

For other HR Tech geeks like me, these types of competitions are awesome! You get to see a bunch of great tech in a small amount of time and you don’t feel like you’re being sold something!

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