I’m All In On Black Friday

Okay, it’s a little-known fact that I’m a big Black Friday shopper! I’m not sure the psychology of why I love Black Friday shopping, but I do. I’m sure if I sat down with a therapist it would go back to I grew up with much less than I have now, so being able to buy things at a cheaper price is exciting to me, even when I’m at a point in life where it doesn’t really make a difference.

You can take the kid out of the hood, but you can’t take the hood out of the kid.

My kids are now 20, 18 and 13. I’ve been Black Friday shopping since they were babies. I distinctly remember standing in line at Kmart in Omaha Nebraska on Thanksgiving Day (the first time Kmart ever opened on a Thanksgiving Day) to get some super cheap games of some sort that my boys were into.

They opened the doors, I, and many others ran to the back of the Kmart while yelling at the workers to find out where the games were located. I got the shelf and just grabbed as many as I could. I got home and had like three or four versions of the same game, but they were so cheap I thought we would find other parents who would need these.

I think we moved those stupid games to like the next three houses, never finding a home for them, and I’m sure they ended up at Goodwill eventually. The sad ending to a crazy moment of Black Friday shopping, that actually happened on a Thursday!

This year I’ll be going out once again on Thanksgiving eve to do some “Black Friday” shopping, even as Black Friday has seemed to jump the shark. I’m looking forward to it way more than my wife and sons! I mean now I can buy stuff I’ll never use or need for myself! Cole Haan Outlet look out, I’m coming for you!

I just told my wife last night, “did you see the prices on the TV’s? We should get one!” She, smartly, said, “we don’t need a TV”. Yeah, but, they’re practically giving them away! Come on, who doesn’t need a 60″ LED in their bedroom!? We can move the 42″ into the bathroom!

This is the crazy of Black Friday, and I’m all in! If you’re out on Black Friday – ping me on the Twitters at @TimSackett and we can share war stories!

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