T3 – The 100 Hottest HR Technologies on the Planet

My good friend William Tincup (@WilliamTincup) is probably the single smartest person I know in the HR and Talent Technology space, worldwide! That’s saying a lot because this space is filled with smart men and women.

At HR Tech Fest this year, William made a comment on stage that there is roughly 21,000 HR and Talent Technology companies in the world. Seems like a number I can’t even get my head around – I might know 250 or so!

To prove his point, William quickly put together 100 of the hottest companies on the market and shared them on LinkedIn. Since most of you don’t visit LI but once or twice a month, I wanted to share them here as well.

My suggestion is to demo one of these companies each month. One hour of development per month, 12 hours total for the year. Any of us can do this. Pick out the ones that make the most sense to you, in your role. This will change you professionally. You’ll be smarter. You’ll see what your competition is doing. You’ll begin to think more strategically. Yes, just be looking at, and better understanding the technology that is shaping your profession!

Yes, just be looking at, and better understanding the technology that is shaping your profession!

This list is alphabetical. None of these organizations are paying me (yet). If you’re not on it, but want to be, connect with William on the Twitters and just ask.

4 thoughts on “T3 – The 100 Hottest HR Technologies on the Planet

  1. Hey William and Tim,
    Thanks a heap for mentioning us, we have had an amazing 2017 and this is a great finish to it!
    It makes the whole team’s efforts worthwhile when we not only have happy customers using or Organisational Network Analytics all around the world but also being recognized for our innovation by some of the smartest brains in the business.
    Keep watching this space, we have some exciting stuff launching next year – for example a new algorithm ranking the potential impact on the network of any employee departing – so companies can focus on ensuring they retain their most critical talent….
    Thanks a lot!
    Greg & the TrustSphere Team

  2. Hi Tim! Thanks to you and William for including Relink in the list.

    We are super excited to be in such great company with these kickass people.

    Relink makes intelligent talent recommendations directly into ATS’s. Our flagship product, Marlowe, fuels traditional recruitment software systems with contextual and job-specific intelligence— making recruiters’ jobs easier and saving them valuable time.

    If we can help any of the companies here with our offerings, please get in touch!


  3. I would like to humbly mention that Mettl is in Tincup’s list of HR companies, and since this is a direct reproduction, I think it would be okay to bring it to your notice that the same is missing from your list.

    Warm regards

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