T3 – @Appcast_io – Talent Attraction is the New Talent Acquisition

Yo, gang – I’m doing this webinar this week. Check me out!

Discover why talent acquisition is being laid to rest, giving rise to a new game in town: talent attraction.

Thursday, January 19th | 2:00 PM ET

This free webinar present simple strategies to start ‘attracting’ talent to your organization.

You’ll learn:

  • What current processes are broken in most traditional talent acquisition practices?
  • How to get your organization on board with one consistent version of your employment brand.
  • Core concepts of industry leading employee referral programs and innovative ideas surrounding implementing such programs.
  • How organizations are using employee ‘story-telling’ to market and share their employment brand within their industry.

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This is a concept I brought to Appcast because I think moving forward organizations should be more concerned with attracting talent than acquiring talent. Those are two very different concepts, yet most organizations still work in practices to acquire versus attract.

Should be a great conversation with some new ideas for you to begin using right away in your recruiting departments.

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