T3 – Google Jumps Into the ATS Market

So, Google announced last week that it is getting ready to launch an applicant tracking/job posting technology called Google Hire. Google already has a number of smaller technology companies in beta, but the so far very little has leaked out from anyone on the experience and capabilities.

Google does have an initial splash page up allowing people to log in, but you can only log in if you’re actually one of those beta users. Speculation right out of the gate was that Google would allow employers to see your search history, which Google quickly went public and debunked, but it makes you wonder how something so crazy even got out?

DramaFever is one of those initial beta Google Hire customers. When you go to apply for a job on their site it throws you into the Google Hire workflow and you get a hint of what the candidate experience will be using Google Hire as your ATS. Very clean, almost generic job posting:

The apply is also quick, easy, and generic as well:

Once you apply, you get an email verification link sent to you to continue on in the process. This is the same process and design so far for all the Google Hire beta users.

So, why would Google want to get into the ATS business?

They probably don’t. What they really want is to get into the Indeed business of collecting cash for posting your jobs and collecting candidates! Google Hire then becomes their engine to making this happen.

Google made news last year when they announced the Google Could Jobs API. For 99.9% of HR and TA Pros/Leaders, this was a none event announcement. For industry insiders, it was Google saying, just wait, we’re working on some things but we need this big foundational block put into place first!

In a very simple sense, Google Jobs API allows organizations to deliver a much more robust job search for candidates. CareerBuilder was one of the initial organizations to test this out and they are still in testing. Google hopes to be able to allow anyone to use it, opening the door to all kinds of niche job boards, etc.

Basically, we all think of Indeed as being the biggest Job Posting aggregator on the planet. In reality, it’s Google, but Google just never went out and built the framework to allow job seekers to easy search for jobs on Google versus going to places like Indeed, LinkedIn, CareerBuilder, etc.

All of that will be changing. We are not sure how, just yet, but Google Hire gives us some indication that Google might be going after some of those billions that companies like Indeed are making off employers, for delivering job seekers an inferior job search product to what Google is claiming to have.

Such and interesting space! Can’t wait to see where this goes.

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