T3 – 100 HR & TA Technologies You Need To See!

My friend William Tincup over at Recruiting Daily put out his quarterly HR & TA Tech watch list recently and I wanted to share it with you. It’s a great list that covers technologies ranging from: Recruiting, sourcing, onboarding, LMS, HRIS, engagement, assessments, time and attendance, etc.

It’s a really great way to help keep us all on top of this fast-changing marketplace. William tells me there are over 20,000 HR and TA technologies worldwide available for HR and TA pros to buy. That’s overwhelming, and this market is growing!

So, start doing demos! One a month. Invest one hour a month in learning about one new piece of technology that is closest to what you do in HR and TA. It’s well worth the investment for your own development!

Here’s the list:

Name || Category || Twitter

Are there other technologies not on this list that people should know about? Hit me in the comments and let us all know!

9 thoughts on “T3 – 100 HR & TA Technologies You Need To See!

  1. I used http://www.zerobounce.net and it is an amazing platform for online email validation that is created to ensure companies avoid email bounces. This is accomplished by identifying invalid, abuse, spam-trap, and other hard bounce email addresses. They also provide a real-time API for email verification on your platform.

  2. Hi Tim,
    Pramp’s Fast Track is a free platform to help with sourcing, candidate assessment & testing. The focus is on software engineers only for now. Thanks!

  3. Hi Tim,
    Kindly check our site and update your list if it fits your visitors’ interest.
    Atiim is an innovative leader which created a few industry-firsts including the breakthrough in performance management with its unified 2-in-1 SaaS platform that integrates Enterprise OKR Goals Management & Ongoing 2-way Closed-Loop Feedback in a single SaaS solution.

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