An Abbreviated List of Things I Like

It’s Wednesday in the summer and no one reads blogs post on a Wednesday during the summer, no one really reads blogs any day in the summer, at least that’s what my Google Analytics say! So, I’ll write something for me, since I’m probably the only one who will read it…

Here’s an abbreviated list of things I like. Why abbreviated? It’s summer and I don’t want to put too much work into this:

1. My wife. On July 25th I celebrated being married 25 years and during that time I’ve found that I like her than anyone else in my life. My kids are her favorite, but I can replace all of them, I always jokingly tell her. I really love my dog, but I think during the day he’s having an affair with my wife. Basically, my wife and I are the same kinds of crazy.

2. Shoes. I have a problem. I could buy a new pair of shoes every day for a year and still have shoes I need! I’ve even thought of doing a series “365 Pairs of Shoes” where I wear a different pair of shoes each day for a year. Requests to Nike, Cole Haan, Keen, etc. to participate as sponsors are still awaiting a response. Stay tuned.

3. Jackets. Problem #2. I buy too many coats for a normal human being. I give coats to Goodwill that I don’t even think I wore! I live in Michigan so the four seasons and mostly cold weather help me with this obsession.

4. Cookies without nuts or fruit. If I could only choose one dessert for the rest of my life that dessert would be cookies! Cookies with nuts and/or fruit don’t count. Otherwise, all cookies are good. I love sugar cookies with frosting, peanut butter cookies, lemon-clove cookies, any chocolate chip cookies. Years ago there was this place in Omaha where the Pamida HR guys and I would go to lunch. They would put crack cocaine in their cookies, I think, I could eat a dozen of them at one time.

5. Gin. That makes me sound like an alcoholic. I mean I really like margaritas as well! G&T is my go to adult beverage of choice. It’s simple, yet sophisticated. You can dress it up or down. If you spill it, it doesn’t stain. I’ve found the tonic is as important as the gin. Okay, now I really sound like a lush.

6. Blue Diamond Salt’n Vinegar Almonds. I’m addicted to them, you can’t just eat one. You have to like the salt and vinegar flavor, and if you do, do yourself a favor and go get some these!

7. Bargains. I can’t stand not buying a great deal. Not a good deal, a great deal! Nordstrom Rack, Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Outlet Malls, Clearance events, etc. It makes me happy to get something 70% off. I feel like I’m cheating life! I got a pair of Cole Haan’s this weekend and I was looking behind me when I left in case they thought I actually stole them because I did! Such a deal! I don’t take this that I’m cheap. I’m not. I like nice things. I like nice things even better when I get them for a lot less!

8. A freshly manicured lawn that I cut myself. I’ve paid to have my lawn cut in the past and it was nice. Come home after work to lawn already done, but it was unsatisfying at a level I can’t explain. My sons can cut the grass, but they’re amateurs. I have it down to a science.

9. Diet Mt. Dew. You probably already knew that if you read this blog. I’ll drink at least three a day on a bad day, six to eight on a good day. I don’t have an addictive personality, but this might be my one vice. Do you know they don’t have Diet Dew in Canada? No wonder they aren’t a super power. Australia as well. I’m going to South Africa this year and I figured a case of Diet Dew weighs ten pounds for my suitcase!

So, what are some of your favorite things? Hit me in the comments and tell me something about yourself and I’ll judge you silently!


14 thoughts on “An Abbreviated List of Things I Like

  1. I like people who are really smart and/or talented, yet don’t take themselves overly seriously. I now feel this way about Justin Timberlake, Peyton Manning, and Tim Sackett.

  2. On the cookie thing, and since you are in Michigan, do you remember Barbara Dee cookies? Do they still exist? I dream about Barbara Dee almond cookies. They were shaped liked moons. Only a cookie lover would understand. Also on the gin thing, try 12 Monkeys Gin. You can sip it without the tonic. It’s delicious. Also, did you catch my latest shoe conquest? We could be the same person!

  3. I just celebrated 29 years on July 23 with my wife and she is my number one too. I love my kids, dogs and like you put family first. I enjoy being a minister and marrying couples because I believe in marriage and how it makes you a better person when your soul is joined with another. I’m not a shopper but I love a great deal. My favorite food is peanut butter. I learned later in life that tequila is my liquor of choice. Diet Mountain Dew is my favorite beverage as well. Weird. I own about 2 acres of land and I love to cut the lawn. I do take pride in my landscape. It’s a great feeling after you cut the lawn and crack open a beer on a summer day to look at your accomplishment.

  4. My family is top of the list and this includes my dogs. I never understood dog people until I became one. I’d like to say my husband and I are the same kind of crazy but let’s be honest, I’m the wife and a mom.. my crazy is special. We were kids raising kids and still married for 22 yrs now. Shoes are my thing. Chips & salsa is my favorite snack. If I’m not drinking water, my go to drink is top a shelf tequila with lime. I also love a bargain and plan my online shopping around free shipping or other special deals. I shop through Ebates when there’s double cash back.

  5. I’ll play along. Three things that I love:
    1. Fountain Coke, preferably in a Styrofoam cup. And it can’t be Pepsi. Real Coke drinkers can relate. I keep hearing that McDonalds has the best Coke, but store is not as important to me as that cup!
    2. Ice cream. I could eat ice cream all day every day, but unfortunately my genetics don’t allow for this. Different flavors, mix-ins, stores, shakes, soft serve, hand-dipped, creamy, low fat – you name it, I love it. Right now, my favorite is Rolo McFlurry from McDonald’s. Yummmmm!
    3. “Sports Finals” – there is something about watching the best of the best compete. I don’t care if it’s NBA, Soccer, any sport in the Olympics, Hockey, NFL. I’m in if it’s a final, or even the path to the final!

  6. Tim – Love the list & we have more in common than I thought (cookies [chocolate chip & sugar cookies w/frosting; especially from Meijer]). I’m a shoe-whore but I won’t spend $200 on a pair; I’d rather get them for $50. Dt. Dew & Coca-Cola are my crack. I’m convinced that Coke never took the “coke” out of Coke. Doritos & Pace Picante sauce (holy shit). Budweiser, cheeseburgers, club sandwiches, and freshly pressed shirts that I iron. I’m better than the dry-cleaners; and cheaper. Last, I was married 18 years in May. She’s my BFF. I know w/o a doubt that our three dogs play us all the time.

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