Great Candidate Experience for $1

I like guacamole.  When I order my burrito I’ll gladly pay the $1 extra for guac. That extra dollar raises my burrito experience to another level. 

I can eat the burrito without the guac and I’ll be just fine. I’ll enjoy it. It will taste good. But, I enjoy it that much more with guacamole.

I enjoy that burrito as much or more than I enjoy so many more meals that cost double or triple that amount.   Sure, I could go to a high-end Mexican restaurant and pay $30 bucks for a great dinner, but I wouldn’t enjoy it triple the amount of the burrito I just got for like $8, with guacamole.

All your candidate experience really needs is a little guacamole.

Everyone wants to take their candidate experience to the ‘next’ level when in reality we just need to add a few little extras.  Some simple sides will do the trick if presented in the proper manner.

The little things make a huge difference if you’re doing the basic things well.  But, that’s the trick. Do your basics first. Candidates could care less that you gave them a bottle of water and logo pen on their first

Candidates could care less that you gave them a bottle of water and logo pen on their first interview if you can’t deliver the basic follow up of how they did in the interview. But, if you deliver all the basic communications well, they will remember all the little things you did to make them feel special.

Candidates don’t want or need a $30 dinner. All they really want is some guacamole on their burrito!

6 thoughts on “Great Candidate Experience for $1

  1. It’s kinda a like a sports analogy. You can’t be great if your fundamentals suck. No matter what fancy equipment you buy or coaching you get, if the fundamental elements aren’t solid and the work ethic isn’t there, you will never see great results.

  2. Well said, Tim! When it comes to recruiting A-Team talent, it’s not about us, it’s about them. Adding the guac, and maybe a few extra jalapenos, makes it about them.

  3. Great post! IMHO, so many employers today are looking to integrate big changes to wow or win over candidates. However, once that big thing goes off with a bang, what’s left – or what’s behind the curtain that will sustain the candidate into employee experience!?! The answer is in the details; the finer elements – the guacamole. Thx for the post.

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