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This week on T3 I take a look at Wedge. Wedge is a video technology designed to be used by both candidates and employers. Besides having the worse twitter handle in the history of HR technology (underscores are bad for a handle, four underscores are a death sentence!), there could be some real application for both sides of the hiring equation to use this easy to use tech.

For candidates Wedge was designed to give them something they could use that was quick and easy from a video perspective to show employers who they are beyond the normal text-based resume. The system asks each candidate five random questions and gives each person one minute to respond to the question. Then the candidate gets a unique URL they can share with employers, along with their resume to get a complete package of who you are as a candidate.

Employers can use Wedge as a video-based pre-screen, picking specific questions for candidates to ask, or even designing your own unique questions. These video files can then be shared with hiring managers, or anyone else involved in the hiring process. These files can also be uploaded into your ATS as attachments.

Very soon, Wedge will be releasing a new version that allows employers the ability to do text-based searches of the transcript of these videos. As you can imagine, in video-based answers candidates could talk about experiences and skills that don’t show up in a text-based resume, but would be things your hiring managers are looking for.

Wedge is one of those TA technologies that is very narrow in what it is trying to do. It’s simple and straightforward to use. This simplicity is its real strength. It doesn’t try to be something it’s not. It does one thing. It allows you to easily get a short video of candidates answering questions you want for your hiring managers. That’s it.

It’s easy to use and inexpensive and doesn’t need anyone from IT to get involved for you to add a video component to your hiring process. You can embed the process on the front side of your application screening process, or pick and choose positions you feel it might be more critical to have a video component as part of your assessment.

There some large-sized organizations currently using Wedge, but it’s my opinion that this tech is basically designed for low volume SMB TA shops. The larger the volume, the more you really want this tech embedded into your ATS, or within a video platform that gives you a more robust dashboard.

If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to add video to your application process that isn’t very involved, Wedge might be right for you!

T3 – Talent Tech Tuesday – is a weekly series here at The Project to educate and inform everyone who stops by on a daily/weekly basis on some great recruiting and sourcing technologies that are on the market.  None of the companies who I highlight are paying me for this promotion.  There are so many really cool things going on in the tech space and I wanted to educate myself and share what I find.  If you want to be on T3 – just send me a note – timsackett@comcast.net

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