Managing Change in HR and TA – What Would Sackett Do?

Hey gang! On May 21st (this upcoming Monday) there is a free online virtual summit around change and innovation. I was invited to participate and you can hear my interview on thoughts around innovation in HR and Talent Acquisition, as well as, how I think we (HR and TA) should be change leaders in our organizations!

As a featured guest I’m able to share FREE passes to the Summit. I don’t think they really understood how many people read the blog! They said my free passes are unlimited by just clicking on the link – so Enjoy! I know there are a bunch of other great folks speaking as well around change and innovation so check them out!

Whether you are a leader who is experiencing a change in your organization, an HR professional who is dealing with change, or someone looking to reinvent how you show up every day, you may benefit from conversations with some of the brightest thinkers in Change and Innovation around the world.

The Summit provides tools, strategies, and concepts on how to best lead change and navigate the future of work.  Whether you’re leading a Fortune 500 organization or looking to reinvent yourself, this Summit is packed with insights and practices to promote innovative ideas and successfully implement change.

Click this link for your FREE Pass and be sure to catch my session!

The Change and Innovation Summit runs May 21st-25th and it’s on-demand, meaning you can come in any time during that week (if you’re signed up) and catch the sessions you want when you want since they will all be recorded.

Go check it out and let me know what you think. The virtual conference format has become popular in the past couple of years. It allows thousands of people access to some great information that previously they just couldn’t afford to travel to conferences, or couldn’t afford the time away from the office! For whatever reason, attending this ‘virtually’ becomes a great option for everyone!

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