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Today on The Weekly Dose I dive into LinkedIn’s foray into the applicant tracking space, with Talent Hub. For years the LinkedIn super users have been begging for an ATS from LI, and at LinkedIn Talent Connect their wish was finally granted! LinkedIn is calling their new ATS, Talent Hub and it’s built for mid-sized organizations that are full LinkedIn Recruiter users.

You don’t have to be LinkedIn Recruiter users to actually use Talent Hub, but it would be silly if you weren’t. Talent Hub was built for the sole purpose of being able to utilize all of LI’s products more effectively and efficiently, primarily Recruiter being the main one.

Why use LinkedIn Talent Hub for your ATS? 

First, if you already have an ATS and you’re a LinkedIn Recruiter shop (meaning you use LI Recruiter as your primary source of candidates) LI did build Recruiter System Connect (RSC) and has already built out integrations with many of the largest ATS’s on the market (Greenhouse, Jobvite, Taleo), and also built integrations with non-ATS providers like Workday Recruit.

Most mid-sized recruiting shops currently use around 9 tools to attract and hire candidates. Most of those shops would prefer one tool, full integration. Talent Hub was built to be that one tool, assuming you already use LinkedIn Recruiter has your primary sourcing tool. Also, crazy customization is not something you need. Talent Hub is a Saas model ATS and can be configured, but not customized. I find most mid-sized shops don’t need customization as all, so this will be a good fit.

What do I like about LinkedIn Talent Hub? 

– Love how LI built out a workflow that is modern, effective, and efficient. From the first intake/strategy meeting with a hiring manager, Talent Hub gives you market insights immediately while you’re building out the requisition with your hiring manager, that will help you save time and resources right off the bat!

– Talent Hub was built for hiring manager collaboration and they have their own dashboard that not only allows them to view and comment on candidates, it also gives them a deep view of the work that is being done (or not done) by the recruiting team on their opening. No longer will you have to answer the question, “So, what’s happening with my req?” Every HM will know in real-time what’s been done! I absolutely love this! LinkedIn is calling this the “Hiring Manager Digest”.

– Job distribution and social share are built in and you would expect that from a newly built ATS. What you get from Talent Hub is a fully integrated sourcing platform that as soon as you put in your requisition the system is already working in LI to show you exactly who’s in your talent pool to begin sourcing.

– Inmail and Email in one fully integrated platform. No longer will you have to deal with two inboxes, now you will have one for all of your email related communications.

– A robust scheduling tool that is really next level as compared to other ATSs in this market and price point. Allows your recruiting team to place values and priorities on each part of the interview process, so that if your number one decision maker has to cancel for some reason, the system automatically updates and reschedules everyone so a candidate isn’t being pulled back and forth until the ‘right’ person can be there.

– Offer process includes real-time market compensation data as part of the process to help the organization waste less time messing around with below-market offers.

What you won’t find in Talent Hub: 

– Indeed and Google for Jobs have no integration with Talent Hub, so your jobs won’t automatically show up on those platforms and you’ll have to manually work to get your job on those platforms or build workarounds.

– No Text/SMS messaging, although, I’m told this is on the roadmap. I understand why it’s not there, as it hurts Inmail usage, but in a modern ATS text messaging is a must, especially if you’re using your ATS/Recruiting platform to hire hourly candidates.

Talent Hub is fully designed to take advantage of LinkedIn’s other recruiting tools. It’s designed for non-LinkedIn users, and for good reason! LinkedIn Recruiter users wanted something to help them hire more candidates, faster, and LinkedIn definitely delivered on that! We can argue until the cows come home on whether or not a recruiting shop should be tied so strongly to one tool, or not, but it’s really a moot point. Talent Hub was designed for those who love using LI Recruiter and find it very effective. It was not designed for some super sourcer who has 32 Chrome sourcing extensions.

Should you demo Talent Hub? If you use LinkedIn daily to recruit, you should demo! The integrations between the products are super tight and make it really easy to use. The hiring manager digest is something every single ATS will steal and put on their roadmap! The data insights that help you with your intake meetings with hiring managers are a game changer.  So, yes, go give it a demo and see what you think!

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