Transform Recruitment Marketing Conference – June in Boston!

June 2-4, 2020 the Transform Recruitment Marketing conference will be back in Boston, and I will again be the Emcee for this event! You can use the code “TIMROCKS” for a 10% discount to the conference!

I’ve been a part of Transform from the beginning, I believe this is the fifth Transform. All I know is we started on the Recruitment Marketing bandwagon super early! In those early days, it was all about branding and CRM technology. Since then, we’ve seen the growth of an entire Talent Attraction industry, that includes programmatic job advertising, hyper-personalization for candidates, the rise of video, the evolution of content marketing in candidate attraction and nurturing, and so many other marketing concepts that have found their way into recruiting!

The reality is we went from Employment Branding to Recruitment Marketing in a blink of an eye, and it just keeps growing. Most Fortune 500 organizations now either have a team of Recruitment Marketing pros on staff or use an outside vendor to help them support their recruitment marketing efforts.

Why I love Transform Recruitment Marketing Conference? 

  • It’s not just high-level strategy, but in the weeds, tactics being taught by other corporate recruitment marketing pros who are doing what you’re trying to do!
  • Keynotes that are different. We’re used to a certain type of keynote at HR and Recruiting conferences. Transform always brings in folks I have never heard of that blow me away. In fact, we had Mel Robbins before Mel Robbins was Mel Robbins! Hell, I take credit for Mel Robbins becoming Mel Robbins! (not really, but a little!)
  • We’ve developed a community of corporate Recruitment Marketing Pros and Leaders. This alone, the ability to build your network of like-minded folks, is worth the price of admission!
  • No pitches, just ideas. The conference was built around this idea of how do we raise the game of recruitment marketing, regardless of your tech stack. If we all get smarter, the decision of tech to use will play itself out in the appropriate way.

So, put it on your calendar now and sign up to send your recruitment marketing pro and/or team to Transform!

Click Here to Register and See More Information! 

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