#CoronaDiaries – What if white dudes could no longer interview!?

I had a great week professionally in the midst of a very disturbing time personally with everything going on in the world. The Transform Virtual Recruitment Marketing Conference took place this week and it was amazing! My friend and world-class speaker Torin Ellis keynoted and completely destroyed! As always he got my mind running!

You can view Torin’s full keynote and my Q&A with him by going to:


As well as all the great presentations and content that happened throughout the day. Many organizations are trying virtual conferences, but the team at Symphony Talent/Smashfly just put everyone on notice with what they did with TransformRM Virtual!

4 thoughts on “#CoronaDiaries – What if white dudes could no longer interview!?

  1. I enjoy your provoking questions, but in this case, isn’t the goal to include everyone and exclude no one?

    • Michele,

      I hear you. I still want the white dudes to interview and give feedback, but one of the main problems we have in hiring an inclusive workforce is we all tend to hire the people most like us. So, if mostly white dudes in charge (which they currently are in most organizations) we won’t move the needle in the way we should. I’m sure you do this forever, but it’s a great thought experiment to try, IMHO.


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