#CoronaDiaries: Did you add Juneteenth as a paid holiday?

A real conversation happening in all organizations across the U.S. last week, and it will continue, is whether or not your organization was going to add Juneteenth as a paid holiday. I dive into the HR operational side of this question. It’s definitely not a simple, straightforward answer, and everyone in your organization is going to have an opinion!

Hit me in the comments:

  1. Will your organization add Juneteenth as a paid holiday?
  2. How many paid holidays should employees have?
  3. Should we just give “X” hours/days of PTO and you as an employee can decide which holidays you want to celebrate?

4 thoughts on “#CoronaDiaries: Did you add Juneteenth as a paid holiday?

  1. My Sons company – a large national bank let their employees choose what day they took off for Juneteenth – BUT told them they had to come back and report that they did that day to stop rusticism. Seriously! The VP is also making them create a power point presentation asking them to profile themselves, race etc. and state how they as individuals are going to eliminate the systemic racism in the Country. He was told by his assistant manager after he stated he was uncomfortable – “All I can suggest is you do it”. I believe this is wrong and WAY over the line.

  2. TriNet did add Juneteenth as a paid holiday this year. With the short notice, only about 50% of the staff were able to observe the holiday off work.

    • Lori –

      I think a lot of companies attempted to add and with short notice of timing it’s not surprising not everyone could take advantage of the additional holiday!


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