Do you need more Diversity Representation at your organization? (free resource)

First, let me start by saying, I am not, nor do I try and portray myself as a D&I expert. I am an expert in finding talent. Do you need a black female .Net developer with a computer science degree? I can find that, but you better be ready to pay a lot, because 10,000 other organizations are also looking for that smart lady!

I get asked frequently how can we hire more diverse candidates so I created an eBook that lays out some strategy around acquiring diverse talent for your organization. You can download it for free here:

Free eBook on 5 Strategies to Strengthen Your Organization’s Diversity Representation

What I find is most organizations want an easy button. “Oh, isn’t there a website that will just allow us to post our jobs and it’s full of diverse candidates!?” No. Someone will tell you there is, but they are lying.

I also find a ton of staffing and recruiting firms who claim they “specialize” in diversity recruiting. Again, this is mostly a lie. Now, they might only take on positions where the client only wants a diverse candidate, but this isn’t a specialization, that’s just market segmentation. Either you can find talent, and specific talent, or you can’t.

Increasing your diversity representation takes good old fashion recruiting. It takes work. Why hasn’t Facebook changed its diversity representation in five years? They didn’t want to do the work. They didn’t want to hold folks accountable for doing that work. This isn’t magic. It’s solid sourcing and recruiting. It’s calling out those hiring managers who refuse to hire a diverse and inclusive workforce.

Enjoy the free eBook!

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