Do’s and Don’ts for Social Media Engagement! #TheProjectTakeover

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Enjoy this post by Lex Kremer! 

When I helped market recruiting events that centered around HR tech vendors I noticed a trend: vendors aren’t great at marketing themselves or their resources on social media. 

Sure, there are a select few that take the time to share their content but mostly they just pump out resources and hope people will find them. I see it all the time. Companies with anywhere from 5 to 500 employees on LinkedIn – but not one of them is sharing the content. 

Imagine, a company of 200 people where even a third of those people took a few minutes every day to share a post and type one sentence about why their audience should check it out!

Why has a resource center if you’re not even sharing your resources? Why appear on a webinar if you don’t tell anyone about it? Why blast your email list if you’re not actively following up with people and connecting with them? What’s the point of a blog post if you only post about it one time? 

Seems pointless, right? So, my goal is to make it easy for companies and their employees to share their content across their social networks so they can grow their audience and attract buyers. It’s about that bottom line, baby!

I’ve compiled some DO’S and DON’TS with examples you can steal and use as templates to make life easier. You don’t have to be in marketing to get people to notice content. It’s not rocket surgery. People notice engagement – and that’s what social media is all about.

DO’S and DON’TS for sharing company content on social media:


  • Like the post. 👍 
  • Share the post [Just make sure you do more than click share or retweet. If you can include a call to action or give a reason as to why the information is valuable it’ll carry more weight.] 

“Check out our @YouTube channel – we’re going to be posting free tips on upping your social media game so you can learn how to add value to sharing your company’s content.”

“Have you seen the newest blog on our site? It talks about [insert topic] and is sure to give you some great insights.”

“Our company is a leader in [fill in the blank]. Learn how we help by [fill in the blank].”

“We pride ourselves in providing [fill in the blank] so here is an article I recommend.”

  • Shout out your co-workers. If you’re not retweeting or sharing an existing post then be sure to include a link so people know what you’re so excited about.

“Great post from @name about [insert subject line]. Check it out.” [link]

“Our newest blog from @name covers [subject] and it’s well worth the read.” [link]

  • Share a post without a link. Direct people to your company’s site without a link so they have to take the venture themselves. It’ll help with organic search stats.

“If you haven’t had a chance to see all of our resources surrounding #diversity head over to our website and get your learn on.” @companyname #diversitymatters

“Did you know that our resource center has blogs AND video tips on how to improve your company’s D&I initiatives?” @companyname #diversity #inclusion

  • Use relevant hashtags. If you’re sharing a post about diversity then hashtag it! If you’re not sure what to hashtag search it first. LinkedIn and Twitter will formulate options for you in the search bar that way you have a few to pick from and know what other people have been using or searching as well.


  • Just click share [see above in the DO’S] or JUST retweet. When you don’t provide content or a call to action then you’re not showing the value of the post. 
  • Share the post and retag the company. People will see the company name in the post you’re sharing. When you retag the company it’s redundant. The same goes for hashtags – sharing and hashtagging the company name isn’t helping reach or engagement. Remember, tag the company if you’re typing an original post but if you’re sharing something FROM the company, people will see it in the reshare.

It looks weird to share something from a company and retag them in the post:

  • Just post a link. If you aren’t providing context it’s like throwing a baseball into an empty field. [No one will catch it.] Always provide some context.

For more tips and examples check out this video with 5 tips for sharing company content.

If you feel like you don’t have time to work social into your daily routine there are free tools you can use to schedule your posts. Pull a few pieces from your company’s resource library and schedule them out for the week. Buffer is a great tool that’s free and really user friendly.

If you’re nervous that someone will say you’re not prioritizing your ‘real’ work because you’re spending time on social, remind them that sharing company content is creating VALUE. It helps with employer brand and outsiders that see current employees actively engaging in the content creates meaning.

Not everyone will be on board with using their personal accounts to share company content. I get it. But if a handful are willing to share – that could help attract top talent to apply at your company and attract buyers. Plus, it’ll make your marketing department a bunch of happy campers. They don’t spend time creating resources for people to not enjoy them. Remember the baseball analogy – they aren’t throwing out content for no one to catch it. That would be pointless. 

Lex Kremer is the CEO of Dashing Media Management, a small social media agency aimed at helping startups, small businesses, and HR tech vendors get their resources seen. From webinar marketing campaigns to Instagram stories – it’s full-time social media management without the associated full-time costs. Quality content management that won’t break the bank.

Connect with her on Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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