E33 – What are the HR Jobs of the Future? The HR Famous Crew break them down!

In episode 33 of The HR Famous Podcast, longtime HR leaders (and friends)  Tim SackettKris Dunn, and Jessica Lee discuss Harvard Business Review’s 21 HR jobs of the future and their personal strategies for working from home with children who are doing online school.

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Show Highlights:

1:15 – Starting off the episode with a big question: In 10 years, what is your dream HR job? JLee wants to be the #2 in line to a great #1 HR employee at a certain organization. Tim says he wants to be chief performance officer for the US government (sounds pretty tough…).

3:20 – Harvard Business Review published an article about the 21 HR jobs of the future and KD wrote a blog post on his blog about it. Some of these jobs include chatbot and human facilitator, algorithm bias auditor, and work from home facilitator. Do you think any of these jobs will really come to fruition? JLee thinks that these jobs really just live in skills and trends rather than full jobs.

5:30 – KD comments on how a lot of job titles have changed over the years to better reflect or change the perception of what kind of function a job has.

7:30 – KD is interested in the idea of a second act coach and a gig economy manager. What new jobs brought up by this article do you like?

9:00 – Time for the CHRO Move of the Week! This week’s CHRO move comes from Jennifer Cornelius at Pinterest! She comes from Starbucks, Apple, and Sweetgreen, and now is the top HR dog at Pinterest.

12:00 – Tim worries that she might regret leaving Apple since her role at Pinterest is only a contract position and Apple is a very powerful brand.

14:45 – KD thinks that Jennifer added the “future of work” tag to her LinkedIn and praises it as a good move.

15:45 – Shoutout to Lars Schmidt and his podcast 21st Century HR!

16:30 – Second topic of the day: working from home with children in online school! JLee has two young kids that are in virtual school and she walks us through some struggles she has experienced in her household including wifi bandwidth issues. The HR Famous team is struggling with so many video calls on top of general tasks that use up wifi connection. JLee calls for more grace when people are experiencing video issues.

20:45 – JLee is seeing a lot of panic and stress from parents that are trying to manage their children’s schooling while on work calls. She sees a lot of parents apologizing often about any issues and thinks people should stop apologizing for having to parent during work.

24:00 – Tim is starting to see some backlash against parents who are getting breaks for dealing with their children and their kid’s schooling. JLee says she can’t think of an answer for this issue.

25:15 – JLee says she locks the door when she’s busy with work to keep her kids out. She also recommends getting wireless earbuds or taking work calls from parts of the house where you can multitask.

26:30 – Tim recommends creating a specific work space for his kids, creating an in house video schedule for wifi connection, and putting signs on the door to keep people out if important calls are going on.

27:45 – JLee mentions a Google device that helps manage device connection on a certain wifi network.

29:00 – Tim thinks people are desperate to get back to the office and WFH may not stay as long as we think it is. JLee thinks that people are still worried about health and safety.

30:00 – Shoutout to all the parents doing their best working from home and managing their kids schooling! We see you!

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