Should You Get Fired for Posting TikTok Videos at Work? (Um, yeah!) #HRFamous

In Episode 42 of The HR Famous Podcast, long-time HR leaders (and friends)  Tim Sackett, Kris Dunn, and Jessica Lee come together to discuss TikTokers getting fired from their jobs at Sherwin Williams, the new Microsoft productivity score, and how much they spend on gifts for their siblings during the holidays.

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Show Highlights:

1:30 – Tim opens the pod by asking the crew what their favorite side dishes are for the holiday season. JLee is a stuffing fan, KD likes the good mashed potatoes, and Tim likes them all!

3:45 – First topic of the day: TikTok videos taking over work! Popular TikToker Tony Piloseno, who got famous for his videos of mixing paint, got fired from his job at Sherwin Williams and social media went ablaze.

6:00 – Tim says that he knows exactly where a regional HR manager knows where this is coming from his experience as a lower level HR leader during his career.

7:00 – JLee doesn’t understand why there wasn’t an investigation into what was happening and what the repercussions could be for firing Piloseno.

10:00 – KD goes through all of the calls that an HR manager might get from a Sherwin Williams manager.

11:10 – JLee mentions how he was very passionate about his job and how she feels like there was an oversight in his firing.

13:00 – Second topic of the day: Microsoft released the Microsoft Productivity Score which allows IT and other product development managers to monitor how their products are being used. Tim raises the question “was this type of software inevitable?”

15:00 – JLee isn’t very concerned about her personal privacy because she doesn’t have anything to hide. However, she does see that there might be some value to this product.

16:30 – KD is more interested in the productivity score of their managers – a collective score for how teams are doing and the effectiveness of a manager –  instead of using it as a “gotcha” tool for individuals.

20:00 – Any mouse movers to make it seem like you’re online?

21:00 – Tim met with the team at Microsoft that put this together and he thinks their intentions are good but the product in bad people’s hands can be an issue.

23:00 – Final question: what do you spend on your siblings for the holidays? JLee’s family doesn’t do presents for adults anymore. Tim’s does the same because they were over exchanging gift cards. KD just buys his siblings a book (so only $20).

24:00 – Tim hates getting gifts but loves getting gifts especially for his younger brother.


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