“Betting on You” the Book Review! #BettingOnYouBook @lruettimann

Many of you know my friend, Laurie Ruettimann. She was the original Punk Rock HR, then the Cynical Girl, and then back to Laurie Ruettimann with a slice of her original Punk Rock HR! Welcome to the world of Social Media, Blogging, Podcasting, and HR, no one really wants to know how the sausage gets made!

Well, today, Laurie is launching her book, Betting on You! How To Put Yourself First And (Finally) Take Control Of Your Career! 

I’ve been lucky enough to be in Laurie’s Circle of Trust from the very beginning, so I get a special sneak peek at the book and was able to read it during the holiday break and it’s amazing! I’m so proud of the work she has put together!

First, Laurie’s been writing for a long time and she has a huge following, so we all knew she could write. Laurie’s strength as a blog writer, and now a book writer, is her ability to tell a story. She has that gift as a writer and a speaker.

Betting on You is full of Laurie’s stories as an HR professional and executive and her journey throughout her career in what she learned and how it can impact your career and job search. I’ll be honest, I read the entire thing in one sitting while sitting by a pool in Florida! It was a great read that I couldn’t put down. I’m one of Laurie’s closest friends and it was full of stuff even I didn’t know!

This is a book for every level of professional that is feeling a bit stuck at work or in their career, and Laurie lays out the plan on how to find the job of your dreams by putting yourself first and taking control of your career (you see what I did there!?). By the way, this is a great book for a team Book Club read if you’re looking for some team development in 2021!

Honestly, I don’t do book reviews. I get a lot of people who send me their books, and I’m sure I sent a lot of people my book when I released it, but I just don’t have the time and capacity to review every book I get. I made the exception for Laurie because I’ve always been a fan of her writing and I knew it would be one I would just love reading!

It’s clearly the best book I’ve read in 2021!

You can find Betting on You at all the regular online booksellers and at many of your national book retailers as well. Go order a copy today!

(Laurie and I in Vegas on our way to the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM!)

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