How do you go to the bathroom during a Zoom conference call? #HRFamous

Traditionally, this is a very common and easy scenario. You’re in a conference room meeting, you need to use the restroom, like a freaking adult, you just stand up and quietly walk out of the conference room and do your business. Today, you’re on a Zoom conference, at home, what do you do?!

In episode 48 of The HR Famous Podcast, long-time HR leaders (and friends) Tim SackettKris Dunn, and Jessica Lee come together once again to discuss having to go to the bathroom during a video call, fake commute routines, and what to do for a one year WFH anniversary!

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Show Highlights:

3:20 – JLee tells the crew that her sister was born in Michigan, where Tim lives.  She can’t remember where in the state she was born, so we’re going to need an update on that!

5:45 – JLee brings up the Air Force One’s appearance at the inauguration a few weeks ago. Tim says that those shoes went for $5,000 on StockX!

6:30 – First topic of the episode: You’re on a Zoom call and you have to go to the bathroom. What are you supposed to do?

7:30 – KD thinks best practices are having all cameras on, but that complicates the bathroom issue.

10:00 – JLee sometimes gets ready for the day in the bathroom while on a video call. Can you hear the echo from people that get ready in the bathroom?

12:00 – Are you experiencing Zoom fatigue? Tim thinks it’s B.S. because there are just as many calls as before but some were not video. KD thinks that the number of video calls has declined since the earlier days of the pandemic.

13:30 – JLee mentions the rise of “fake commutes.” She misses the transition she used to get from being a parent to work/life throughout the morning.

16:00 – KD spends his “commute” time sleeping in instead of trying to recreate his work commute.

19:00 – Second topic: Silkroad Technology conducted a survey among office workers and executives and found ⅖ of office workers plan to resign because of how their companies handled the pandemic.

22:00 – KD thinks Silkroad is the Dark Web. Tim and JLee don’t know how to access the dark web and we want help! Tim and JLee are interested. 😉

23:00 – KD recommends reading the book American Kingpin by Nick Bilton about the creation of the dark web!

24:45 – KD and Tim are a little confused by the 40% of people who want to quit their jobs because they can’t think of that many companies that have really fumbled a Covid response.

28:00 – JLee thinks there needs to be some humility and grace for those trying to handle “unprecedented” times.

31:00 – It’s coming up soon that we’ve been working virtually for a year. An employee on JLee’s team mentioned celebrating the one-year anniversary and maybe getting a WFH gift for their teammates. JLee asked Tim and KD what ideas they have for a WFH gift.

36:00 – JLee’s brother-in-law went through a Gary V rabbit hole and found that he is bringing value to old sports cards.

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