Who will win the Chicken Sandwich War? And why is #HRFamous Talking About this!?

On episode 54 of the HR Famous Podcast, longtime HR leaders (and friends) Tim SackettKris Dunn, and Jessica Lee come together again to discuss the chicken sandwich wars, 2021 compensation trends, and Meghan Markle calling the royal family’s HR department.

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Show Highlights:

3:30 – Is the Ford Pinto making a comeback?

5:30 – Who has been keeping up with the chicken sandwich wars? McDonald’s has entered the race against Chick-fil-A and Popeye’s to see who has the best-fried chicken sandwich. Who do you think is going to win the war?

8:30 – JLee wants to enter Wendy’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich into the race for best fast-food chicken sandwich. Tim thinks it’s a solid entry.

11:30 – KD asked JLee when was the last time that she taught her kids a life lesson? She’s just trying to teach her young children to put their dirty clothes in the hamper.

15:20 – Next topic of the pod: compensation. An article came out recently about the trends of compensation and pay in 2021 and what employees think will happen.

17:00 – JLee thinks that those companies that haven’t made a statement about geographic locations and compensation leave it open for them to call all employees back to the office eventually. She thinks that WFH is not really here to stay.

21:30 – The article reported that only 83% of respondent’s spouses know how much they make. Tim thinks that number is very low.

27:45 – Tim asks the crew what job Prince Harry would do best at. JLee thinks he’ll take an entrepreneurial route in the mental health space. KD thinks he’ll be a host at a mid-tier steakhouse in the burbs. Tim will hire Harry to be a recruiter because Americans love a British accent.

30:45 – KD watched some of Netflix’s The Crown. KD thinks that the situations in The Crown and the people being portrayed are very inconsequential in the terms of history.

32:15 – One of the big takeaways from the Meghan Markle/Prince Harry and Oprah interview is that Meghan went to the royal family’s HR department to receive mental health help.

36:00 – Tim recently had his 100th Peloton ride. JLee joined him for his century club ride and helped him reach his record. They ended up tying! Accidentally, his son Cameron did his 100th ride. Sorry Dad!

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