Thank you! This will be my last post, forever. #ProjectEnd

It comes with great pride and a bit of sorrow that I tell you that today will be the last time I’ll be posting on my blog. For the past decade, I’ve been posting each workday my thoughts and ideas about work, technology, and life.

As I looked back on over three thousand posts, well over a million words written, I came to realize something – you a$$holes don’t pay me anything!

I mean, the dude with a sign on off-ramp makes more than I do, and he wrote like 5 words on that damn sign! Not once, have you sent me a note and said, “Hey, Tim, what’s your Venmo, I want to send you $5!”

To be honest, I do have a super sweet collection of HR and TA Tech vendor t-shirts. But, the ROI of this little “Project” I started a decade ago, a labor of love and sometimes hate, just doesn’t fill my closet with limited-edition Nikes.

So, I’ve decided to say Goodbye…until I wake up tomorrow in a panic that I don’t have any content up and think wait, what about Joe, that poor TA leader in East Omaha who has no idea how he’s going to find twenty call center reps this month! Poor Joe. I got you, buddy!

14 thoughts on “Thank you! This will be my last post, forever. #ProjectEnd

  1. I was sooooo sad! LOL I was thinking how you were going out with sassy vengeance calling us TA wisdom-sucks A$$holes. I was like, “You go TA TIMMIE!” LMAO!

  2. Whew! I literally just shared your blog with two colleagues yesterday! That was going to be a bit anti-climactic!! HA!!

  3. You got me! And this is after I got my 3 adult kids! LOL! A tradition my dad and I had for over 50 years. who got who.

  4. Tim- What is the intersection outside your office? I want to go stand there with a sandwich board and collect a litlle “sumtin-sumtin” for the effort.

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