Zoom-free Fridays and if You Want to Work for Biden, Stop Smoking Pot! #HRFamous

On episode 56 of The HR Famous Podcast, longtime HR leaders (and friends) Tim SackettKris Dunn, and Jessica Lee come together again to discuss Gen-X references, Zoom-free Fridays, and White House staffers getting fired for marijuana use.

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Show Highlights:

3:30 – Do you get upset when your Millennial and Gen-Z references don’t get your Gen-X references?

7:00 – First topic of the pod: Citigroup CEO has called for Zoom-free Fridays and a new bank holiday due to pandemic fatigue. JLee says she’d rather have Zoom calls instead of regular conference calls.

10:00 – KD says that Friday is not the best day to do Zoom free because Friday is already light on meetings. KD wants Zoom-free Thursday. What day do you think is best?

13:40 – When Tim thinks no-meeting Fridays, he thinks “I’m going on vacation early” Fridays.

16:30 – A team in JLee’s office has a policy where if they do a traditional conference call, everyone on the team has to be doing something active during that call in order to promote wellness.

17:45 – Citi is doing a new holiday called “Citi Reset Day.” KD thinks that the new CEO is trying to win the approval of the bank’s employees.

19:30 – Next topic: A few White House staffers were fired due to their usage of marijuana. Tim thinks it’s a little ridiculous for the White House to have a never-done-drugs policy for employees.

24:00 –  JLee thinks it’s impractical from a hiring perspective to expect all of your employees to not have a history with marijuana, especially when it’s legal in many places in the U.S. now.

26:00 – KD thinks it’s OK for people serving in the White House not to have backgrounds or positive tests with pot, but that it was sloppy on the Biden administration for not being completely transparent and upfront with their employees.

29:00 – KD’s son wants to work for a defense contractor and he’s been told not to go abroad to get that security clearance. So he won’t go!

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