Should we be forcing vaccinations at work? #HRFamous

On episode 61 of The HR Famous Podcast, longtime HR leaders (and friends) Tim SackettKris Dunn, and Jessica Lee come together to discuss Clubhouse, how to get people to get the Covid vaccine, and what remote vs. hybrid work will look like.

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Show Highlights

1:45 – Are you on Clubhouse? JLee recently deleted the app from her phone. Tim really wasn’t a fan of the platform either.

5:40 – Tim notes that Clubhouse is good for these “shop talks” that you would be having at a conference or other places in person in the pre-pandemic world.

9:00 – Next topic: Covid vaccinations. JLee asks how much we should be encouraging it in the workplace. KD says we should absolutely be encouraging it to get to a post-pandemic world.

12:30 – JLee asks, “Who should be the voice of encouraging vaccines at your company?” Should it be the CEO or someone who maybe is lower down the corporate ladder?

15:00 – Tim mentions a corporate tax rebate that can be given so workers have PTO to go and get the vaccine.

18:30 – JLee gives Tim a great marketing strategy to get people to get vaccinated. She said to take the “we can hug again if you get vaccinated” angle!

22:00 – Is hybrid work the same as virtual work? JLee does not think so and she worries this is going to be a cluster.

25:00 – KD mentions how everyone he has talked to has said that the commute is a huge concern for people going back to work. Tim says his commute has gotten significantly easier and he doesn’t think it will ever get bad again.

29:30 – KD thinks the next big thing for “informal meeting time” is a phone call, not a Zoom call, so people don’t feel the pressure to prepare themselves for the call.

34:30 – JLee is a beef jerky eater and she’s found that many women do not snack on that. She asks KD and Tim if their wives snack on beef jerky, and they both do not. Tim and KD are fans though!

36:40 – JLee is a fan of Two Chicks beef jerky (a woman-owned brand!).

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