This Is How Your Work Culture Forms!

There’s nothing I really need to add to this. Hugh MacLeod, the brilliant artist at Gaping Void, has an awesome knack for saying so much with his work. I love their work. Turns out, design matters when building culture. So, brilliant.

We love to believe that culture starts at the top with this great visionary leader, but our reality is most of us will never work for a visionary leader. Most of us will work with mere mortals who everyday struggle to keep it all together, just like us.

Our culture is not decided by one person and then disseminated down to the rest. It’s decided by all of us through shared experiences, failures, successes, and love.

2 thoughts on “This Is How Your Work Culture Forms!

    • Hi Tim,
      I agree that culture looks like your drawing but at some point it starts with one person or a group of people that set the vision. So potentially it may start as a pyramid but it doesn’t stay in that form. This is a thought provoking topic that could be expanded even further. Good post!

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