Are you ready for TikTok Resumes!?

On episode 73 of The HR Famous Podcast, longtime HR leaders (and friends) Tim SackettKris Dunn, and Jessica Lee come together to discuss weird tactics companies are using to find employees, TikTok resumes, and their reactions to the Olympics!

Show Highlights

2:00 – The whole crew was very into the 2020 Summer Olympics, even though they’re confused on why it’s called 2020 and not 2021. KD is watching the NBC primetime coverage

4:30 – KD wonders why the divers take showers after every dive. JLee tells him that it’s to keep their muscles warm since the pool is so cold. The more you know!

7:00 – Shout out to Katie Ledecky, who’s from JLee’s home area! What a beast.

9:30 – JLee is teaching her children about the Olympics and how they should root for everyone to do well and be happy for all the winners. Great sports life lessons!

11:00 – The majority of the U.S. Olympic team are women. This is the third straight Olympics where women outnumber men for Team USA.

12:15 – JLee asks Tim and KD about the weirdest thing they’ve seen to help with hiring. She saw a Wendy’s that was offering a free meal to do an interview for a job. KD says that the lack of change by some companies has been the oddest thing to him.

15:45 – JLee shouts out Chipotle for hopping on TikTok to ramp up hiring.

17:20 – Tim talks about how Chipotle got an influencer to come in and make a video about her past employment there. He thinks this is a really smart recruitment marketing tactic.

19:30 – JLee talks about an influencer Marriott uses that makes content about being a foster mom of teenage girls.

22:30 – Tim praises TikTok Resumes for being innovative, unlike many other social platforms, but he’s upset that their job-description language is the same traditional, boring descriptions from the past.

27:00 – Tim thinks that smaller brands can have more impact using TikTok for hiring since the bigger brands have more risk involved.

31:30 – JLee asks the crew what they would say if their kids asked if they should do a TikTok resume. Tim says that if a brand is on TikTok Resumes, they should know what they’re getting themselves into.

One thought on “Are you ready for TikTok Resumes!?

  1. I’m pretty sure TikTok is aging me out of recruiting! I attended a webinar about recruiting Gen Z and the presenters both raved about using TikTok in their recruiting process. As a young Boomer/old Gen X, this never occurred to me. Hell, I had downloaded TikTok early in the rage and fell down the rabbit hole of dance videos and had to take it off my phone! I have since reloaded it and have been researching how to market our roles on TikTok. Resumes take me by surprise.

    Learning is life, right? I’m off to learn more about how to use TikTok this summer.

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