Do we need to redefine “Entry Level” jobs? #HRFamous

On episode 77 of The HR Famous Podcast, longtime HR leaders (and friends) Tim SackettKris Dunn, and Jessica Lee come together to discuss come together to discuss what back-to-school shopping looks like, Lululemon’s culture issues, and what a real entry-level job looks like.

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Show Highlights

2:00 – Back-to-school season is here! Tim saw an article about a Delaware school district that is paying their students’ families to drive their kids to school because there is a bus driver shortage.

6:00 – JLee’s son is obsessed with Nike Dry Fit, but he doesn’t know the difference between Target and Nike because he can’t read. Target it is!

7:45 – Tim’s youngest son does not care at all what he wears, so no new clothes for back to school!

10:00 – Some Lululemon employees have come forward recently and complained about a bullying environment in their workplace. Many employees get asked before they work if “they sweat today.”

16:00 – Tim thinks that this is a startup vs. a growth-company issue. Startups will go to great lengths to find employees who match their culture, but the more you grow, the more people will stray from that culture.

19:15 – JLee wants her kids to live as she did with no brand names. Tim said his dad would pay for half of whatever brand-name shoes he wanted in high school.

21:30 – KD mentions that this is a lighter version of the same issue that faces Hooters when hiring since the brand revolves around people’s appearances.

22:30 – JLee noticed a report on LinkedIn about the shrinking number of entry-level jobs and that now, entry-level jobs require years of experience.

26:00 – Tim says that a job is not an entry-level job when they require years of experience in the field of the job, and he doesn’t like it when companies act like these jobs are truly entry-level.

29:00 – Tim mentions Enterprise’s management training program and how everyone tried to replicate it because it was so successful.

33:00 – KD likes a group or a cohort of new hires where they can experience it together and demonstrate a strong alumni base post-entry-level position.

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