RESET – A Leader’s Guide to Work In An Age of Upheaval – new book by @JohnnyCTaylorJr and @SHRM

I’m out at the SHRM Annual Conference this week and excited to see all my HR Peers and Friends! It’s a big event since SHRM didn’t have an in-person 2020 conference and by far the largest in-person conference I’ve gone two in a very long time!

SHRM CEO, Johnny Taylor, is also launching his new book, RESET: A Leader’s Guide to Work in an Age of Upheaval, and it couldn’t be better timing for HR leaders and organizational leaders looking for ideas and solid data around managing through our new world of work.

One of the things I really like about this book right off the bat is that Taylor worked closely with SHRM’s Research arm to really pack a ton of data into this book. I think most modern HR and Organizational leaders want ideas backed by research and SHRM has a ton of data to pull from with such a large global membership.

The reality is with so many organizations adding remote and hybrid work environments we truly are in a new frontier of building an organizational culture around very different types of work, all combined into one very new digital culture phenomenon (which just happens to be my talk at SHRM Annual this year!).

Johnny Taylor is known as a very strong speaker and storyteller, and it comes out in his book as well. RESET does a great job of weaving in data, with real-life organizational examples, and Taylor’s strong storytelling to make this book an enjoyable and quick read. This should easily become the HR Book Club choice of the year for sure, as our HR and Leadership teams work to reinvent our organizational culture over this year and next.

RESET hits on all the important themes of today, talent retention, DEI, internal mobility, and solving the skills gap. And I love that Johnny and SHRM put together a new Culture Score Scale (NICE) around Net Promoter Score, Inclusion Factor, Curiosity Indicator, and Employer Brand. It’s a modern people measure for sure, and one that I think most HR and Talent pros will find very interesting!

RESET is officially being launched this week at SHRM Annual and it’s definitely designed to be a leadership playbook for organizations working to reinvent themselves around one of the biggest challenges, historically, any of us have ever faced. You can grab off the SHRM website and I’m sure all the normal places you buy books!

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