At what point is Job Hopping a problem? #HRFamous

On episode 82 of The HR Famous Podcast, longtime HR leaders (and friends) Tim SackettKris Dunn, and Jessica Lee come together to discuss TikTok hiring, recruitment marketing on social media, and Gen Z job-hopping.

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Show Highlights

3:00 – Tim is a TikTok user and often sends clips to his closest friends and family, including KD and JLee. JLee deleted the app, so she only gets them from Tim now.

5:00 – There is a new TikTok trend where someone asks a question like “tell me blank” and people respond. The Amazon brand account created one where the question was, “What was the best thing you ever got off of Amazon?” and an employee responded and said, “My career”. Tim thinks Amazon has a great TikTok employment branding presence.

8:15 – KD thinks that social media recruiting only works on platforms that display company and job titles.

13:00 – JLee thinks that recruiters may get off the rails and try to improve their own personal brand. She thinks that a lot of recruitment marketing content is cheap and unoriginal.

15:00 – Cameron, Tim’s son, recently shared a TikTok with Tim where a young worker was sharing the advice to job-hop in order to increase salaries.

16:00 – JLee thinks the only reason to job-hop is to get different experiences and try new things.

17:30 – KD says the concept of job-hopping is not new but the advice is. He also thinks that two years is the perfect time for a young person to job-hop.

21:30 – Tim and JLee say that if you’re hopping laterally to several different jobs, there has to be a story behind it.

24:30 – JLee worries that if you’re making progression in your career but you are hopping from company to company, you aren’t good enough to ever get promoted internally.

26:00 – AppCast recently came out with data for companies that are struggling to get applicants. Some of their advice includes shortening your apply cycle and posting jobs at the start of the week and the end of the month.

29:00 – Tim says that only 1/10 TA leaders know where applicants are dropping off in their application process.

32:00 – Another piece of advice is to include at least two specific benefits in the job posting. This improved application rates by at least 40%.

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