DisruptHR Lansing is Back! Oct. 21st!

I’m hosting DisruptHR Lansing next Thursday, Oct. 21st at 6-8 pm at Urban Beat in Old Town Lansing, MI. We have a few tickets left if you would like to come and we have a great lineup of Michigan-based HR speakers! ONLY A FEW TICKETS REMAIN! Also, some great Sponsor Gift Giveaways!

DisruptHR is a live event where speakers get 5 minutes to share an idea or thought they have on subjects around HR, Talent, and leadership. Besides the 5-minute time limit, they also have a PowerPoint deck with 20 slides that automatically moves to the next slide every 15 seconds!

These talks are fun, fast, and enlightening!

The Speakers!

Me! Of Course! My session title – The Future of Work? Adulting!

Greg ModdTrenches of HR: Troopers Enlist

Justin Caine Your Company’s IEP

Julia Keider Gen Z: Your New Talent Pipeline

Kat Hoyer Holistic Workplace Development: Woo Woo, Woke or Warranted?

William MaurerYou’re worse at this than you think, an intro to evidence-based selection

Tina Marie Wohlfield Only YOU can prevent HR Fires!

Brian Town Advertising for talent hasnb’t changed in 50 years!

Jen LaidlawAre your company values more than just some words on a mousepad?

April Callis-birchmeierLeading others out of the valley, and into successful change

It’s a great time to get back out an network with the local HR and Talent community!

See everyone in downtown Lansing!

Shout out to our Sponsors!

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