The Weekly Dose: – Texting Makes Recruiting Easier!

Today on your weekly dose of HR technology, I review the text recruiting platform is a text recruiting platform built to make candidate engagement and recruitment automation easy. Their AI recruiting software empowers recruiting teams, HR departments, and staffing firms with efficient text recruiting tools that work in harmony with any ATS, HRIS, or recruiting site.

Emissary’s platform is primarily used for one-on-one texting between recruiters and candidates, campaign texting, so many candidates at one time, and they also offer recruiting chatbots as well. One big advantage Emissary has over their competition is real API integration to products like Workday, Greenhouse, SAP/Successfactors, as well as HR tech like your background checking technology, Linkedin, etc.

What do I like about Emissary?

  • I’ve been a fan of text recruiting technology for years because this technology gives you message history between recruiters and candidates all in one place, and with real API integration all of this can be pushed back into your ATS. So, you have less worry about recruiters contacting the same candidates, or if they do reach out, they already know what others within your team are talking to them about.
  • Emissary allows recruiters to text within any environment they are in. Using LinkedIn, a chrome interface will come up and allow the recruiter to text directly from LI to the potential candidate, and all of this is synced back to your system of record.
  • Emissary’s mobile app makes is very convienent for recruiters to use their own cell phone to text candidates, but keep the entire conversation within the platform. Also, when a recruiter is using their personal cell phone with the Emissary app, their personal cell phone number is not used, so there’s no worry for their privacy.
  • Using Emissary for text campaigns is as easy as copy and pasting a list of names and numbers into a campaign and then simply using pre-built templates to make each text message going to candidates have a personal look and feel.
  • Emissary’s recruiting chatbot can be deployed almost anywhere, which allows you to screen and gather information from candidates 24/7.

I’ve said this for the past few years, if you are in recruiting, any kind of recruiting, and you are not texting candidates, you should be fired! Yes, FIRED! All of the data shows that the response rate from candidates to text is 5-10X higher than any other form of messaging candidates. There is no better way to get candidates to respond to your recruiting outreach than to use a text recruiting platform like

I would fully recommend you go out a do a demo for yourself. Many people in the industry will say, “well, my ATS allows us to text candidates from the ATS”. That might be so, but what Emissary does is completely different than what your ATS does, and you really have to see it to understand. Text recruiting technology is one of the highest ROIs within the TA technology landscape.

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