My favorite quote of 2021! #Yellowstone

I love titles and quotes. As a writer (oh, aren’t you special!), a great quote or title often lays the foundation for whatever it is I’m writing. When I wrote my book (oh, brother here we go…) I actually came up with my chapter titles before I even wrote the chapters!

I’m a big fan of the hit TV series Yellowstone, but for some reason, I always call it “Sundance”, a strange mental block! One of the best characters on the show is “Rip Wheeler”, played by Cole Hauser. If you haven’t checked out the show, it’s must-see TV for sure. And my top quote of last year comes from Rip.

I’ll set the stage. Rip is dating the daughter (Beth) of the lead character, John Dutton, played by Kevin Costner. Beth is a wild one and constantly causing trouble and Rip seems to be wise beyond his years. She’s getting ready to stir it up once again and he says:

“Life is hard, you don’t need to help it.”

Rip is a man of few words as well! But this is freaking awesome because it’s so true! It’s even a better quote if you say it with a cowboy accent.

How many people do you know in your life that seem to purposely try and make life harder!? On a daily basis, I see folks trying to make their lives harder.

Most people are struggling on the daily to just get through life and then will go out of their way to get upset over stuff they have no control over. Or push issues that are none of their business or they have nothing to do with.

I get it, I’m passionate about a lot of stuff, but at some point, we need to understand that life is hard and we can make it harder or we can use that energy to make it a bit easier on ourselves and others. I’m the first to admit that I’ve made it harder on myself and others way too often so in 2022 one of my resolutions is to try and not make life so hard. Both for myself and others.

Thanks for the advice, Rip! Now go back to being your sexy self!

2 thoughts on “My favorite quote of 2021! #Yellowstone

  1. I love the show too!
    The series is simply phenomenal. The casting is brilliant.
    Cole Hauser brings Rip to life so well, it seems Rip is in the room with you.
    The quote is great too. There’s much to learn from watching the show.

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