Your Weekly Dose of HR Tech: @Jobvite introduces “Evolve” Talent Acquisition Suite

Today on the Weekly Dose, I dig into applicant tracking system provider Jobvite‘s announcement of their new Evolve talent acquisition suite announcement. Jobvite is a top best-of-breed ATS provider who in recent years has been on a buying spree!

Jobvite has acquired Talemetry, RolePoint, Canvas, Talentgy, Predictive PartnerJazzHR, NxtThingRPO, among others in a rather short period of time and the big question everyone was asking was what the heck are they going to do with tall these pieces!? Which makes today’s announcement of Evolve the answer a lot of folks have been waiting for.

I’ve been a fan of many of the acquisitions Jobvite has done over the past couple of years. Many of the point solutions they gobbled up were the top point solutions in the market for recruiting technology. But just having the pieces is one thing, making them all work together is a whole other challenge to conquer.

Here’s a bit from the Press Release:

Jobvite’s acquisition of Canvas, RolePoint, and Talemetry in 2019 allowed the company to execute its vision to become the premier TA solution on the market that addresses the complexities of the entire recruiting lifecycle, moving well beyond the ATS. Jobvite has spent the last few years fully integrating these technologies and building new functionality to create this powerful end-to-end TA suite.

Today, the reimagined Evolve TA Suite offers the most breadth and depth of any TA technology for attracting and sourcing talent, from engaging and recruiting to hiring, onboarding, and promoting talent. It also easily integrates into a broader HR Tech stack and offers 350+ integration partners to extend the suite’s capabilities to better meet an organization’s needs.

What does this all mean?

Jobvite took all of this technology and reworked it to fit under one dashboard, and reconfigured it into really four main segments recruiters work with day-to-day:

  • ATS
  • Recruitment Marketing
  • Analytics
  • Intelligent Messaging

You don’t need to bounce back and forth between many point solutions and you can reach and use each of the main areas from within anywhere in the suite.

The reality is, Talent Acquisition shops are moving to some sort of full recruitment platform. No one really wants to bounce from ATS, to CRM, to Interview Intelligence, to you name the point solution. Recruiters want to be able to work within one system as much as possible, and that is what Evolve is attempting to do.

It’s a unique product mix that allows Jobvite to span, effectively, SMB to Enterprise, like no other best of breed ATS on the market. JazzHR, will stand alone and service SMB. Jobvite pulls in mid-enterprise to enterprise, and NxtThing RPO sits in the background waiting to pounce when you need additional recruiting assistance over and above what your team and technology can handle.

The growth of full end-to-end talent acquisition suites was inevitable. It takes a similar path to what we saw with ERP/Supply Chain/Financial software, then HR software, now recruiting. People doing the work don’t want to work in ten to twenty different programs, plus we truly need all of our data flowing into one place as much as possible to make strategic business decisions. Which is still mostly lost in the talent acquisition technology space, but we are getting better.

I think Jobvite is on the right path. Others in the space will take different roads to get there, but in the end, full recruiting suites are what most of us will be working with, in the near future. if only to make it simpler for the end-user, the Recruiter.

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