Is it the end of HR Famous? #HRFamous

On episode 98 of The HR Famous Podcast, long-time HR leaders (and friends) Tim Sackett, Jessica Lee, and Kris Dunn come together to discuss coffee rules of the office, KD’s new job, and changes to the podcast!

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99 – Periods In The Workplace HR Famous

On episode 99 of The HR Famous Podcast, long-time HR leaders (and friends) Madeline Laurano, Jessica Lee, and Tim Sackett come together to discuss our new co-host, mailing lists, and periods in the workplace! Listen below and be sure to subscribe, rate, and review (iTunes) and follow (Spotify)! 2:00 – We have a new co-host! We’re excited to welcome Madeline Laurano to the HR Famous family.  4:15 – Madeline is an analyst on TA and HR tech. She’s been in the game for 20 years and started her firm, Aptitude Research 7 years ago.  6:20 – Any remember of the days of blogger vs. analyst? The good ole days.  9:30 – JLee gets upset when she makes a “new friend” and then all of a sudden, she’s on their mailing list.  10:30 – JLee asks the crew if they check who unsubscribes from their mailing list. Madeline gets an email every time someone removes themselves from her mailing list.  14:30 – The lost episode is unfortunately lost for good 🙁  16:00 – JLee references the lost episode which was centered around an older man writing into a help column asking what to do when their younger female co-workers talk about their periods in the workplace.  19:00 – JLee’s first reaction to the period PTO is that women are more productive so they’ll make up for their time off but then, she started to think about women being treated differently and other logistical issues.  20:30 – Madeline mentions a company in Sweden that asked their female employees to track their menstrual cycle in an Excel spreadsheet.  24:30 – JLee found a Wikipedia page for menstrual leave.  27:30 – Tim mentions how a lot of these benefits stem from paid family leave and how other countries are really passing the US with their family leave benefits.  28:45 – Madeline ran a study at her firm and they found that only 11% of participants were comfortable talking about childcare at work.  32:00 – Madeline mentions how when she was nursing, she had to pump in a dark utility closet where she had to bring a flashlight in to see.  36:00 – Tim mentions that in his 30 year HR career, he has never had a period-related issue with a high performing female.   
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1:30 – KD still isn’t playing Wordle. Quite late to the party still…

3:30 – Dawn Burke sent the crew her husband’s coffee routine. This made Tim wonder when free coffee at work became a thing. He wants free Diet Mountain Dew at work!

6:30 – Tim has some observations as a non-coffee drinker. He observes the dynamics of bad coffee makers vs. good coffee makers. 

8:50 – KD recently visited Tim’s home base in Lansing, MI. He thought it was a lot smaller than Tim makes it sound. 

11:20 – Big announcement! KD accepted a new job at Marriott, joining JLee! He’s staying in Alabama but visiting Bethesda, MD every couple of weeks. 

14:15 – KD says that he didn’t do the LinkedIn post that talks about leaving a company but without giving an update. JLee and Tim hate those posts. 

17:30 – In the very first episode of this podcast, KD got hate from JLee for saying Marriott wrong. It’s Marriott, like a chariot. 

22:45 – KD has noticed that some partners at Marriott have been eager to come to Birmingham instead of having him go into the DC area. He says he’s fine to travel to them instead of hosting others. 

29:00 – Next big announcement of the pod, KD is going to be leaving. JLee and Tim are going to continue on with the mission! He’s leaving but not gone forever.

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  1. Congratulations on your new gig KD!!! Marriott (like Chariot) is a fabulous employer. My husband was with them 18 years before he got out of hospitality and move to IT. We loved everything about Marriott, but the benefit I miss the most is the Associate Rate!!! Good like and you will be missed on the podcast!

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