The birth of new recruiting tech for hourly hiring.

 I’m old. I mean, I don’t feel old. But in the world of recruiting technology, I’m old.

I’ve been around long enough to see the birth of some pretty cool technological advances in talent acquisition. When I started recruiting, the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) was a green screen Rolodex (look it up kids!) akin to using an excel spreadsheet to do all of your recruiting.

Sourcing technology was basically cold calling into a company and trying to get the person at the front desk to push your call to some unsuspecting employee who was about to be recruited hard with a sales pitch that usually started with something like, “Wait, don’t hang up!”

In the past year, we’ve all witnessed the rise of an entire segment of hiring technology that wasn’t really around pre-pandemic: conversational AI. This technology now moves the world of hourly recruiting into the forefront of organizations that have long treated it as an afterthought.

What’s amazing about conversational AI is that it’s a new breed of recruiting technology that is virtually invisible to everyone using it. Candidates just believe they are applying for a job and getting immediate interaction from your company. Recruiting teams don’t have to do anything, and the technology seamlessly pulls candidates through the process to completion. Unlike a traditional ATS that forces candidates to jump through hoops and recruiters to push candidates from step to step, conversational AI does away with all of that by automating it

Thankfully, we’ve finally gotten to a point where our recruiting technology is actually working for us, not against us. Conversational AI works exactly how we always hoped recruiting technology would — like recruiters designed the perfect hourly hiring system in a lab to fit all their needs and solve all their problems.

A candidate decides they want to apply to your job. They find the job through all the ways and means we give them (text, QR codes, URL links, career sites, etc.). They do the entire process on their phone. It takes a few minutes. They immediately feel engaged with your company, and the technology works to make sure they don’t disengage before you can actually screen and hire them.

It’s so simple it’s hard to believe it took this long to come to life, but that’s what great technology is: simple. Turns out, making simple technology that works is super hard!

What did we need to make hourly recruiting simple?

  1. Creation of conversational AI that felt real to the candidate.
  2. A screening assessment that could accurately predict better hires and only take 90 seconds to complete.
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2 thoughts on “The birth of new recruiting tech for hourly hiring.

  1. The technology is great Tim, but the ghosting rates are through the roof! The candidates know that the process is automated. We have one client with an 89% ghosting rate for candidates who complete the online assessment, confirm they will show up for the warehouse tour and offer, and have received three reminder texts. When you lose the human connection, it becomes very easy to blow off a process.

    • Maury – we see completely different data (and have client case studies and data) that suggest a completely different story. Some of this issue is technology agnostic — the market is SO competitive, that more candidates are disappearing from the process than normal.

      Completely agree that the goal shouldn’t be to remove the human from the process entirely. Disagree that relying on people to send reminders would somehow flip this equation. In fact, it’s usually the opposite.

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