The HR Technology Conference Pitchfest Competition is Open for Applications! @hrtechconf

I’ve said this at least a thousand times but my single favorite event of the year is the HR Technology Conference’s Pitchfest competition! 30 HR/TA Technology startups competing for the honor to be named HR Tech Startup of the Year! $30,000 dollar prize, plus a booth at the 2023 HR Technology Conference, and an invaluable amount of publicity that comes with participating and winning this event!

The Application Deadline is July 29th, so you have to get on this if you want to try and get into the competition! Huge shoutout to the Randstad Innovation Fund for their continued support of the Pitchfest. The lifeblood of great HR Tech is more and more startups are given access and opportunity to develop the next generation of technology. Last year the Pitchfest had more female founders presenting than I’ve ever seen, and they were amazing!

For Pitchfest 2022 I’ll again be one of the judges and I’m looking forward to seeing all the great tech!

One of the most difficult things for HR Tech startups to do is break through all the noise. There are roughly 10,000 different HR technology products on the market worldwide. Most buyers can name just a handful, and usually, it’s only those they are currently using, or have used in the recent past. It’s events like the Pitchfest that give these startups a chance to break through all the noise.

What Am I Looking Forward to For The 2022 Pitchfest at HR Tech?

  • Pandemic Tech! So many great workplace pandemic-related HR technology solutions are hitting the market with real applications to the modern workforce.
  • Talent Acquisition Tech! Double the amount of current openings today than in 2019 and even a recession will leave us with million of jobs to fill. AI has made major advances in recruiting tech and more keep hitting the market.
  • Intelligence and BI Tech! Data is king, but actually being able to easily understand and use the insights of your data is even a better king! HR Tech is finally understanding this in a major way.

If you haven’t signed up for the 2022 HR Technology Conference, I’ve got a special code that can save you $300 off the current early bird rate! Code – “HT22MA26” for your special Tim Sackett discount!

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