The Big Regret! How’s that new job working out for you? #HRFamous

On episode 104 of The HR Famous Podcast, long-time HR leaders (and friends) Madeline Laurano, Jessica Lee, and Tim Sackett come together to discuss catalogs, the follow-up to The Great Recession, and Tesla’s latest drama. 

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2:15 – Does anyone still get catalogs? Tim and Madeline still get tons sent to their houses. 

4:30 – Tim thinks that a mailer would work well as a recruitment tactic, even better than email or texting. 

5:15 – Tim shares a story that he’s going to put in his book! You heard it here first, folks. 

8:30 – Tim’s story revolves around a marketing study where they asked a community what the top realtor in their area was. They created a fake realtor, did some marketing, and then re-asked the community who the top realtor was. 

10:00 – Studies are showing that a large number of people who left their jobs during The Great Resignation are regretting their decision to leave their previous position. Madeline thinks that these shifts were pay-driven, and people didn’t take into account other factors. 

13:40 – Tim said he had regrets when he left Applebee’s. Although it seemed like the right decision, he felt the repercussion of the decision almost instantly. 

20:30 – Tim was at SHRM a few weeks ago, and a lot of the discussions had “The Great Recession” in their title. 

21:30 – Tesla and Elon Musk are tracking office attendance by following the “office ID swipe-ins.” If you can’t come in, employees are supposed to email in a message that they won’t be in the office today. Tim thinks this is draconian and feels very similar to calling in sick for your kids at school. 

24:45 – Tim says that he’s embarrassed by the number of people he’s had to fire by “pulling swipes”. 

30:00 – JLee hired someone recently that was affected by the Tesla layoffs, and the new hire said that the reports of the layoffs are pretty accurate. 

33:00 – JLee mentions how often, when layoffs are happening, HR professionals are given scripts for legal reasons, but there are ways to make it seem more human and empathetic. 

36:30 – Madeline was a part of an analyst firm where there were secret talks about layoffs, and she felt like they handled it poorly in comparison to JLee’s Marriot example. 

1 thought on “The Big Regret! How’s that new job working out for you? #HRFamous

  1. Back in the Dark Ages of recruitment, when I started in the field, we didn’t have email or texting. We used the phone, in person events and most importantly, direct mail. I was the Physician Recruiter (I had a fancy title, but this was my job) at a small hospital in Peru, Indiana. We did a direct mail piece that incorporated Neon Yellow and Pink envelopes and an Elvis stamp, which had just been released that year. I got a ton of response, and actually hired a Dr we sourced this way.

    That being said, I think that in this current day and age, in the current job market, a direct mail piece could be very advantageous. It’s not what everyone is doing and it might find the right person who you wouldn’t have found otherwise.

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