ChatGPT 101 for HR and TA Pros!

n “Making HR Tech Easy,” work tech expert Tim Sackett, SHRM-SCP, makes complex HR technology understandable for all HR professionals, because having a high competency in HR technology is critical to moving your HR career forward.

It’s been really hard not to hear about Open.AI’s ChatGPT over the past couple of months. It seems like everyone has been talking about it since its recent release in 2022. But if you’re just now encountering it, ChatGPT is a conversational SaaS artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot that understands the intent of complex, specific questions and has the potential to produce human-quality responses. Yes, really human!

I say “potential” because it’s still learning. Although it’s already pretty good, and it gets better every minute as millions of people use it.

Why should you care about an AI chatbot that can answer questions like a human? Because it will most likely change work in both significant and minor ways in the near future, similar to what we saw during the first industrial revolution.

Are chatbots going to take our jobs? Well, if I’m honest, some jobs will be lost for sure, at least initially. But it will also create new jobs, many of which we don’t even know yet. Again, similar to the first industrial revolution.

Will ChatGPT Take HR Jobs?

ChatGPT can…

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2 thoughts on “ChatGPT 101 for HR and TA Pros!

  1. I love ChatGPT and I think it has a lot of potential in being a tool to assist recruiters.

    I am between jobs, but I have used it to proofread and edit my newsletter, write cover letters while applying to roles, for brainstorming I had it rewrite a strongly masculine-coded job description into a feminine-coded job description, and more!

    There is a lot of potential with ChatGPT, but not enough to fear for my job as a recruiter.

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