Ready for Change? Think Again!

I get asked a lot of advice on talent and HR issues people are facing.

Many of these questions are about fixing things that aren’t working well in their HR or Talent departments. “How do we get more applicants?” “How do we get managers to develop their people?” “How do we deal with our unpredictable CEO?”

In the past, I would jump right in with quick solutions. I’d spend five minutes giving advice without knowing much about their specific situation. It’s fun sure, but it’s not always helpful.

I’ve changed my approach.

I realized that my quick fixes were based on my experiences, not theirs. What worked for me might not work for them.

Now, I start by asking one important question: Do you really want to get better?

Do you really want to change?

Most people quickly say, “Yes!” But then, after thinking for a moment, they might pause and start to explain, showing they aren’t really sure they want to change.

This hesitation is powerful!

We often think that getting better is always the goal, but sometimes, staying the same is just fine. The return on investment might not be worth it.

We tend to focus on fixing problems, believing they need to be solved. But in reality, we can continue doing great HR work without making unnecessary changes. It might seem like the next big issue to tackle, but sometimes, it’s better to leave it alone and focus on something else.

Often, HR and Talent professionals find that those around them aren’t really interested in improving. This realization can save them from a lot of frustration. It’s better to wait until everyone is genuinely ready to get better.

So, before you try to fix everything, ask yourself: Do you, or do those around you, really want to get better? Hopefully, the answer is “Yes!” But if not, remember, the world will keep turning, and so will you.

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