SHRM 2011 – The Year of the iPad

In a few days I’ll be leaving for the SHRM National Conference in Las Vegas to pick up some knowledge, blog about HR stuff and try and win me another iPad – because every guy needs 2 iPads! I thought last year was the year of the iPad – but it really was Year of the iTouch at the SHRM Expo Hall.  HR Vendors aren’t the most creative set, so it becomes fairly easy each year to pick out the big giveaway at each booth that all the HR Pros will be going after.  I think last year a few went out of their way to get iPads, but most still went easier route and got the iTouch.  This year, 2011, there is no doubt.  So far I’ve gotten roughly 100+ postcards and 30% are giving away at least one iPad.

So, what else will the Expo hounds being filling their reuasable recycled grocery bags with this year?

Hope to Get:

1. An iPad, of course.

2. One of those silly stuffed animals, affectionately called “Trump”, short for Trumpasaurus. I’m not sure why but the SHRM attendees lose their mind over these things, but they do – every year!

3. Chocolate – let’s face it 80% of the people attending are women, not enough vendors pay attention to this. After walking around 5 miles of expo hall and 2 miles back to their hotel, SHRM attendees want 3 things: a hot bath, a cold glass of wine and some chocolate (and maybe to rent Sex and the City 2 OnDemand in their room).

What they’ll be Re-Gifting:

1. Black and White Kindles.  Really, I saw a number of these on postcards – which HR vendors are so disconnected that they would giveaway a black and white Kindle – when the color is available and for $150 more you can have an iPad?  Grandmothers get ready, looks like Christmas will be Black and White Kindle time this year.

2. Any coffee mugs, pens, water bottles, etc. – basically any logo crap they can take back to the office to keep the tribe happy.

3. Something for the kids.  I will say a few HR Vendors have picked up on this and have gotten good at getting small, unique items that kids would like, thus Moms and Dads will stop by their booth to take one home for little Johnny.

What they won’t be getting, but will need:

1. Hangover medication.

2. Tattoo removal kit.

3. Anything of real value (at least in the Expo Hall).

Here’s a tip: The guys at Talent Anarchy got the “prized” presentation spot of 7am on Monday June 27th – right before Monday’s General Session with Arianna Huffington, do yourself a favor and make this the one day you get up early.  Jason and Joe put on a show, and they truly get HR – it could arguably be the best session being put on by SHRM this year.



2 thoughts on “SHRM 2011 – The Year of the iPad

  1. The real question is what kind of iPad….who’s going cheap and offering a 16GB 3G version and who’s offering a 64GB 3G + WiFi version?

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