The Sackett Rules

I have to say my friend and great HR Pro/Blogger – and Top 10 HR Bloggers to follow at SHRM 11 (I was #11 by the way) – Matt Stollak gave me the idea for this post. Being slighted by’s @MattCharney gave me the motivation.  On to the Sackett Rules:

The Sackett Rules

1. Don’t call in sick on Mondays or Fridays – no one believes you. (My staff knows this one well)

2. Everyone has a price, it’s a recruiters job to figure that out.  Never take “I’m not interested” as a reason – you just haven’t found out the price where they would be interested. (I don’t want to shovel cow manure, but if you pay me enough, well, heck – where’s the shovel?)

3. It only costs a little more to go first class.  (My Grandpa use to say this – then my Mom – now me – it’s about doing things right.)

4. People won’t remember what you said, but they’ll remember how you made them feel. (That’s why I bring great snacks to meetings, and try and have a funny story!)

5. Always be nice to Mom’s with young kids. (Their day is always much harder than mine.)

6. There’s always a reason to kick an old man down the steps, just don’t do it. (via Chris Rock – this just makes me laugh)

7. Don’t cross the streams. (from Ghostbusters – I use this one with my youngest son, it makes him laugh – he’s never seen the movie)

8. No touching of the hair or face. (Ron Burgundy in Anchorman – my wife will laugh at this – I don’t like people touching my almost gone hair and I had Lasik surgery years ago and don’t like anyone touching my face – and I don’t like bees!)

9. Don’t be victim. (Yeah, you pretty much control what happens to you, I have very little patience for people who play the victim)

10. If you are scrubbing the kitchen floor in your boxer shorts – don’t do it with the shades to the sliding glass door open, while your neighbors behind you are having your other neighbors over for drinks on the back deck. (enough said I believe)

11. No longer use any budget money for membership. (see above link)

As will all rules, The Sackett Rules are subject to change at any moment – or whenever my wife tells me to change them.  And Matt, thanks for helping me reevaluate my 2012 budget!


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