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So, I completely stole this idea from Erica Moss’s 10 Questions with Laurie Ruettimann: HR Chick and Blogger at The Cynical Girl, partly because it was a great idea and partly because I know Laurie, a little – we jumped off a building together – Laurie’s Jump(notice Laurie’s Mission Impossible style landing, My Jump – and I know some other HR type Dudes who know Laurie (Steve Boese, William Tincup, Lance Haun, Matt Stollack and Kris Dunn) who have snarky humor like mine and would love to ask Laurie questions – but not the type of questions that Erica asked!

Erica’s post on Laurie was great – they both played it straight – it was nice and safe.  I thought we could have a little fun with Laurie, if she was game – and she’s almost always game!  So, here’s my 10 questions for Laurie Ruettimann – to protect the guilty I won’t tell you who asked which question:

1. How often do your interns write your posts?

(LR) Not often enough. They would be better if I had a few interns dedicated to writing about Human Resources and recruiting. Because I’m short-staffed, you get shitty posts about cats and hoodies.

2. Do you ever get tired of being sarcastic and/or cynical?

(LR) Tiger momma gotta wear her stripes, yo. Honestly, I am more of a hyper-introspective Debbie Downer than I am cynical or sarcastic. Much of my negativity is turned inwards. And yes, it’s a burden. Years ago, I told my husband that I wanted him to say ‘I love you’ more often. He laughed. He thought I was being ironic. And maybe I was. I don’t even know, anymore. So, uh, yeah, my tough-girl act gets old.

3. What will your next blog be called? Cynically Punk or The HR Cat Lady?

(LR) My next blog will be called ASK THE BLONDES. I’m working on it right now, actually. I have a writing partner. You just got the scoop. (That how we role at The Project – Sometimes you have to slap the interns around to get the best news – but it’s always worth it!)

4. If you were the head of HR at Jos. A. Banks (Laurie’s favorite Men’s store – Holla Sponsors!), how would you find people that can innovate the “Buy one suit – get three suits, five shirts and eight ties for free” discount space?

(LR) Easy. I’d look to China. Cheap labor makes anything possible. Just ask General Electric or Apple.

5. What role in HR could disappear tomorrow and no one would notice?

(LR) Payroll. In fact, its all but disappeared. We get paid through the power of computers and magic. (Do you hear that sound? That’s the silence from all those Payroll speaking engagements Laurie just gave up!)

6. F – Marry – Kill:  Jennifer McClure, Sarah White and President Obama?

(LR)  Marry Jennifer McClure because it’s easy to be with her. She brings me treats. F*%k President Obama because he’s a black guy. Kill Sarah White but only because she likes recruiting and HR technology a little too much for my tastes.

7. How do you reconcile the fact that you are neither punk nor cynical – but just a cat-loving former HR practitioner?

(LR) I used to be young and fun. Now I’m a hardcore punk rock feminist anarchist who drives a Volvo and does Pilates just to have a hobby. Sometimes I binge eat Ben & Jerry’s and think about my 20s. Thanks for reminding me of my sad and pathetic adulthood, Timmy. (Editor’s Note: that question wasn’t from me – you’re welcome!)

8. If you die, can I be your ghostwriter for The Cynical Girl?

(LR) You can be my ghostwriter now. I’m short on interns.

9.  From you professional HR perspective, what was the deal with Skipper and Gilligan?

(LR) I never watched that show but I’m pretty sure he was doing her in the copier room. Wait, do corporate offices still have copier rooms? (Editor’s Note: Clearly you never watched the show – they were both male stuck on a island after a 3 hour tour)

Thank you Laurie, tell the interns they did a wonderful job answering the questions and for the photo they sent!

Thanks again to Erica – for such a wonderful idea!

Check out Laurie and her writing at The Cynical Girl – she’s a fantastic writer and I love her take on all things HR and Corporate!

4 thoughts on “10ish Questions with Cynical Girl – Laurie Ruettimann

  1. This is just what the internet needs to be more relevant in today’s world – more interviews with Laurie Ruettimann!

    Seriously, both interviews made me laugh out loud – as does the “real” Laurie Ruettimann.

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a wedding to plan…

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