Live at SHRM12! One Day Only!

I’m excited – next week Kris Dunn and I will be co-presenting at SHRM National for the first time!  We got the session of death time (last session of the conference) on Wednesday June 27th at 11:30am – but KD and I are Pros – so we will be coming full force whether it’s a full room or their are 3 HR folks left in Atlanta!  Our session is Officially titled: Developing Your Influence to Drive Better HR Performance – the unofficial title is: Raise Your HR Game by Thinking Like a Money-Hungry VP of Sales!

KD and I have done this one before and we have some fun with it.  For all of us in HR who deal with Sales teams on a regular basis you’re sure to get some laughs, but we also really dig into some techniques our Sales partners use, that we in HR can use as well – to give us a better ability to influence decision making in our organizations.

We get most of you will be pretty “conferenced” out by the time the last session rolls around on Wednesday – but we’ll give you the famous FOT promise – We’ll make it fun, we teach you a couple of things and 60% of the time, it works every time!

See you all in Atlanta!

P.S. I would love to meet HR/Talent Pros who read The Project while I’m at Atalanta – send me a Tweet @TimSackett or an email and let’s get together!

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