Save Tincup!

It’s been one day, well one business day where I actually pay attention to social media, and I can’t take it any more.  I’m going to start a Protest, or a march, or one of those things you do when you really don’t have any say or power but it feels like someone should do or say something.  I can’t take a social media world without William Tincup. For those who don’t know – William has decided to turn off all social media and take a summer vacation – no Blogging, no Twitters, no Facebook, no lunch-time internet radio show (Drive Thru HR), no Instagram (which might hurt him the worst), etc.

Like most of what William does, I envy him.

William will still take email, phone calls and texts – so basically he’s now Amish!

Here’s my plan:

1. Starting today – Text “Save Tincup” to 469-371-7050 (That’s William’s cell phone number) – if I know anything – he is a very curious fellow – he’ll want to know what all this means.

2. Email or Text William this Photo:

Save Tincup


3. Call and leave him this voicemail: “I want my Tincup!”

Let’s face it – a social world without William is a world I’d rather not be a part of.





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