FOT and Me at SHRM National 2013

I only have one goal when I attend the annual SHRM National Conference:  Make Friends!

Yep – I want to meet HR Pros from all over the world and connect.  I’ll be in Chicago this year from Saturday (leading a panel at the SHRM National Student conference Saturday afternoon) thru Tuesday.

Monday June 17th will be the big Fistful of Talent event – at 2:30pm at The Hive – which is SHRM’s social media breakout area.  The FOT crew will be presenting The 3 Best Things You’ll Bring Back from SHRM – FOT’s Gift to HR Pros” – in typical FOT fashion the gang will be giving you low-cost/no cost ideas that you can take back to your HR shop and put into immediate use.  They’ll be out of the box – they’ll be fresh – they’ll be entertaining.  Come see the Fistful team, and yes I’ll be giving out hugs!

What’s the best time to connect with me? 

Sunday afternoon and evening.  Monday any time except at 2:30pm – which I’ll see you at The Hive!

What’s the best way to ensure you get time with me?

I like Diet Mt. Dew.  I go on long searches to find Diet Mt. Dew through giant conference halls all over the world.  I’ll come visit your booth if you have Diet Mt. Dew.  (I also like Sprinkles Cupcakes, long walks on the beach, Gin and Tonic with a lime, Nike gear and sweet potato fries)

How can you find me?

@TimSackett on the Twitters. on the emails.

What’s going to happen when we meet?

A hug. If you having hugging issues we can shake hands and when you leave I’ll hug you then.

See you in Chicago!



2 thoughts on “FOT and Me at SHRM National 2013

  1. Great luck in your panel. After having been in the corporate side for a long time, your tips are quick, straightforward and immediately applicable. #SHRM13 leaders would benefit greatly from making a new friend.

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