The Crack of the Bat

I’ve been around baseball my entire life.  Started out playing little league, moved to high school and my sons all started playing when they were 4 and 5 years old.  I was never good enough to play past high school, but I love the game.  As Labor Day is upon us I recall sitting out at the campfire with my folks listening to the great Ernie Harwell call the Tiger’s games on AM radio.

Great announcers make the game come alive in your head.  You can actually see your Tiger rounding third, hear the crack of the bat and imagine the play at the play as if you were sitting right there watching the game.  The announcer made the game larger than life, and when you finally arrived at the stadium to watch a game in person the experience was just like you imagined it.  No letdown, no hype, you walk through the tunnel and arrive in heaven.  The grass is greener and uniforms are as white as clouds.  You can smell the hot dogs and the cotton candy.

I know most folks today love football, I’m also a huge fan.  But going to a baseball game takes me back to my childhood.  It’s my religion.

Enjoy your holiday weekend.  Go take your family to a ball park.  Teach your kids how to keep score with paper score sheet and pencil.  Walk around the stadium so you can see the entire thing.

I miss listening to Ernie. Check out Macklemore’s tribute to his childhood announcer, Dave Niehaus, and go to iTunes and buy the song, the proceeds all go towards the boys and girls club:

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