7 Things I Wouldn’t Do To Get A Job

(I’m on vacation, I originally posted this in 2009 – except for #7, that’s new, not the feeling but to this post!)

A Wall Street Journal article, by Joann S. Lublin, raised the question: “What won’t you do for a Job?”  Which got me thinking about what are those things I wouldn’t do for a job.  First, I had to set some parameters around the question:

1. Not just any job (I can get any job) but a really good job.  You know the one: your career Camelot – great pay, benefits, work, boss, co-workers – plus you’re out by 4pm everyday!  Or whatever it is that is your perfect combination of factors for the perfect job.

2. Also, I can’t go to prison for what I would do – I’m short and soft – meaning, I’m fairly certain I would end up someone’s wife in prison.

With the parameters set, the question really set me free to think about what I wouldn’t do for the “perfect” career opportunity.  So, I’ll give you the short list:

 1. I won’t kill anyone in my immediate family (wife and 3 sons), everyone else is open season. (probably goes back to the prison thing – I’m soft, plus my grandma would hate it if I got sent to prison and I really love her.).

2.  I won’t eat bugs or cauliflower (yes, I consider them the same food group).

3.  I won’t work for free.  Everyone has a price and mine is above “Free”!  Plus, I work for free enough in my current job as Headhunter!

4. I  won’t stay past 5pm (or any other arbitrary time), just because my boss stays past 5pm because he doesn’t have a life and thinks everyone should stay past 5, or they’re not dedicated or hard working.

5.  I won’t allow my opinions to be squelched by the man! (oh wait, yes I will, but it will cost them!)

6.  I won’t allow myself to be chased around my desk and sexually harassed by my attractive, much  younger, opposite sex, boss (ok, I might, but only if my benefits pay for divorce and I get a big raise!).

7. I won’t become a University of Michigan fan.  I actually told my sons if they got a scholarship to go to UofM I would root for ‘them’, not the school, but them personally.

So, what won’t you do for the ‘perfect’ job?   Hit me in the comments and let me know…

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