Michigan HR Day 2014!

Tomorrow, Wednesday April 23rd, I’ll be speaking at the 5th Annual Michigan HR Day.  What the hell is that, I assume you’re asking yourself!?  Well, five years ago, Michigan Governor, Rick Snyder (He’s the One Tough Nerd guy) and his team thought Michigan needed an HR Day, so they made one up.  Apparently, no one on his team was aware that Michigan SHRM had an annual state conference to discuss virtually the exact same things.  Now, Michigan is lucky enough to have two state conferences, one by Michigan HR Day and one by Michigan SHRM.

Michigan HR Day is actually really big.  1000 or so HR Pros from all over the state.  They keep it super cheap, like $50, and you get a full day’s worth of HRCI credits!  Maybe that One Tough Nerd guy is smart after all!

This being the fifth year, I was asked to speak.  I wasn’t asked the first four years because I wasn’t boring enough.  This year’s keynote will be given my Quicken Loans Chief People Officer, David Nachbar.  I’m actually interested in hearing him for the simple fact that Quicken Loans is like the new age Detroit sweatshop!  Stick 5,000 20 somethings into buildings in downtown Detroit selling high cost loans to people who can’t afford them, and little buy little purchase up all available real estate in the city of Detroit until you can rename the city ‘Quicken Loansville.’  Can’t wait to hear about their culture!

The lunch keynote is given by some legal person regarding the Affordable Care Act. I’ll spare you the details…

You see where this is going.

I get to bring up the rear!

I’m in the last session and doing Social Recruiting MacGyver Style, teaching HR ladies how to the Facebook and the Twitters to recruit great talent.  I’m giving out Coach Bags and Free Hugs, it’s going to be a blast.  At least once I’ll show a slide of Richard Simmons and use the word “Pimp” repeatedly when discussing LinkedIn!

Unlike SHRM, I wasn’t asked told I couldn’t swear, so I’m assuming I won’t be asked back for the 6th Annual Michigan HR day.  That means you only have one shot to come see me.  I’m on at 2:15pm, if you come and try to leave I will purposely call you out in front of the entire room.  You can follow all the happenings on the Twitters @MichiganHR or #mihrday.  I love to meet people who read the blog, so if you do come out and see me, please stop by afterwards and say ‘Hi!’

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